Buff Bagwell has never been a stanger to the ladies. He once wrestled under the name "The Handsome Stranger". The wrestler formally known as Marcus Bagwell, who some people (most notably Mene Gene) still calls him, has seen been through several gimmick changes in WCW. Buff wrestled in singles competition for a short while, then switched to tag teams...Bagwell is a four-time former WCW World Tag Team Champion with three separate partners amazingly. And is the only man who can claim such a feat...first teamed with Too Cold Scorpio (now in the J.O.B. Squad), and later on tagged with the masked Patriot to form the team "Stars and Stripes", a angle that lost steam... although Bagwell won WCW Tag gold in those teams (once with Scorpio and twice with the Patriot), he still lacked what he was most after, and that was respect...after the Patriot left WCW, Bagwell teamed with a jobber, Scotty Riggs, and changed his look to that of a sex symbol...the two were called the "American Males," and quickly won the WCW World Tag Team titles. Once this happened, they quickly lost the belts and never regained them...in result, the duo quickly lost their fans as they began jobbing more and more...Bagwell turned against Riggs after the NWO demanded that WCW wrestlers convert their contracts to NWO contracts...as Bagwell and Riggs stood in the ring with the NWO, Bagwell gave Riggs a neckbreaker and joined the New World Order...soon after, Bagwell began calling himself "Buff", since he claimed he was much more muscular than his former partner Riggs. Bagwell defeated Riggs at the first NWO Souled Out...after a long period of competing in Japan, Bagwell returned to U.S. competition in an increased role within the NWO...aside from wrestling in singles competition, Bagwell occasionally teams with Scott Norton as a tag team called "Vicious and Delicious," though the duo hasn't accomplished much due to the de-emphasis of tag teams in WCW. Began feuding with Lex Luger over the title of who was the "Real Total Package," and though Bagwell has a number of countout and DQ wins over Luger he has thus far failed to capture a pinfall victory. Although Bagwell will always be the better looking one, even if Luger is in the nWo. Currently, Bagwell has been chosen to the elite members of the Wolfpack, and has been Scott Steiner hench-man of sorts. We here at nWowrestling2, hope that Bagwell will make his ring return very quickly, so that we can see him in action again, in possibly a tag or television title push.