"Easy E", Executive VP for WCW, continues to be one of the most controversial figures in wrestling and the most successful head of World Championship Wrestling in the organization's history, bringing in main stream media to PPV's and live events.

Around 1993, Bischoff served as a broadcaster for WCW programming and was head announcer for WCW Monday Nitro since its debut, doing face work. Being the fed-head Bischoff was the primary targets of the Outsiders upon their entrances in WCW. Hall challenged Bischoff at the Great American Bash PPV, to get three wrestlers for a match at the 1996 Bash at the Beach card. Bischoff did so, but refused to tell the duo who those opponents would be. After Bischoff's refusal Hall punched Bischoff in the stomach and Nash powerbombed Bischoff through a stage on the ramp-way. It was this incident, Bischoff would later admit, which caused him to join the new WORLD order. Bischoff showed his true colors on WCW Nitro.

It was from this point on that Bischoff began his heel reign over WCW, with an iron fist. Bischoff was never afraid to show his cold-heart and loyalty to the nWo, by stripping the Steiner Brothers of the WCW Tag Team titles after their win over the Outsiders at the first nWo Souled Out. Eric refused to let Lex Luger compete at Superbrawl VII...Luger wrestled anyway, and Bischoff again awarded the Outsiders the tag belts after their Superbrawl loss to Luger and the Giant. And in his best heel act to date, Bischoff fired referees Randy Anderson for failing to show up to a match, even though Randy had cancer; and after begging for his job back on a live Nitro broadcast with his wife and children, Bischoff humiliated Anderson even further. As a result of these actions, Eric Bischoff was suspended by Dr. Harvey Schiller, head of Turner Sports. Bischoff claimed the suspension wouldn't stick as he was a personal friend of Ted Turner.

At WCW's Spring Stampede PPV, in 1997, Bischoff seemed to show a weaker side as he urged Randy Savage to stop his assault against Kimberly; and in response Savage roughed up Bischoff, although Bischoff and Savage later called a truce, this was, in my mind, the first seed of dissention in the new WORLD order.

Scott Hall became involved in a verbal feud with WCW announcer, Larry Zbyszko, Hall claimed that Zbyszko "couldn't even beat Easy-E," setting up a match between Bischoff and Zybszko at Starrcade 1997. Furthermore, if Bischoff won the match, it was determined that the nWo would forevermore take over Monday Nitro. During the match, Bischoff clocked Zbyszko with a loaded boot, but special guest referee Bret Hart saw Bischoff and attacked Hall who was at ringside, putting him in the Sharpshooter. The match was awarded to Zbyszko by DQ.

Dissention within the nWo once again showed itself during a January 1998 Monday Nitro, involving Bischoff and Savage, where during an argument between Savage and Hogan, Savage picked up a chair and threatened to hit Hogan with it. Bischoff attempted to stop Savage, but Savage struck Bischoff and was in turn attacked by Kevin Nash. Bischoff remained firmly at Hogan's side.

Bischoff an on-air feud with Vince McMahon after the WWF began sending D-X members to WCW facilities (sparked by Bischoff firing ex-nWo wrestler 'Syxx-Pac', now wrestling in WWF as 'X-Pac') In a huge shock, Bischoff challenged McMahon to a match at Slamboree '98 as a means to settle their differences once and for all. Of course, McMahon refused to fight, and Bischoff replied by calling McMahon a coward. At Slamboree Bischoff demanded to have the match, even though Vince never showed, and Eric was declared the winner via countout.

After the split of the new WORLD order, Bischoff remained loyal to Hollywood Hogan and his side of the faction.

Bischoff is currently the center of WCW's major feud right now, as he battles Ric Flair for supremecy. After Ric Flair retained his job in WCW, he began a major feud with Eric Biscoff, backed up by his Four Horseman. Bischoff managed to keep the Horseman out of the building several times, on WCW Nitro and Thunder broadcasts, and was getting over as a major heel now. Bischoff fought Ric Flair at Starrcade '98, givin the stipulation that if Ric Flair lost he would retire, but if he won Flair would get the company. Bischoff won the match with help of Ric Flair's great enemy Curt Hennig. Despite the outcome of the match, Flair demanded a re-match with Bischoff on Nitro the next night. Flair put everything on the line (house, cars, money, etc. ) if he lost; but if he won he would get the company for 90 days. In a ground breaking main event Flair won the match and WCW was back in the hands of a face, for the first time in about three years.

Bischoff is currently waiting patiently for Flair's 90 day reign to end; but it is not without it's charm. Flair first put Bischoff as a WCW announcer, 'working for Tony Shivane' (that is punishment!!), then setting up the WCW rings, selling WCW/nWo merchandise in the crowd, being the target of a human dunking tank in 20 degree weather, put in charge of scrubbing toliets and mopping bathroom floors, etc. However, all of Bischoff's jobs have backfired cleverly backfired on the Nature Boy, usually putting the nWo on the top of things. Slowly but surely, our corrupt boss will have his way with WCW, and Flair will be the first lamb at the whipping post...and believe he will be PISSED!!!!!