Here is my opinion on what WCW should do with guys like Bret Hart, the nWo Wolfpack and most of all the Horsemen. Check it out and give me your feedback.

Keep Ric Flair in the Horsemen of course, but re-build from there. And if they stay heel(which they should) here is what they should look like: Ric Flair, Curt Hennig, Lex Luger, & Wrath. Curt Hennig is just as much a Horsemen as Flair is. Accepting Hennig into the Horsemen would get some major heat from the fans, as Curt has always been one of the biggest heels in the sport. Besides, those two just work so well together I hate to see them apart!! Now I know Luger has always had trouble getting over with the fans and getting some true heat, but I think this is really where he can shine. Go back to the narcissist style again because that is what worked for him. It is laughabily absurd to watch him try and hang out with the likes out Scott Hall and Kevin Nash...he is just not Kliq. I'm not sure they would make the transition from Wolfpack to Horsemen, but he has always been known for being so fickle when it comes to orginizations, so it might not seem that dumb. And finally Wrath...when I see Wrath I see a younger, quicker Sid Viscious(aka. Pyscho Sid). He was Sid Viscious in the Horsemen, but left due to some sisscor fight w/ Arn Anderson. Anyways, Wrath is that big enforcer that the Horsemen has missed for so long. I heard WCW wants to make him a tag team with Brian Adams in the near future...WHY?!? That is just going to kill his career even more, and keep his personality low-key again. This guy is so loaded with wrestling talent is not even funny. Get him that spot in the Horsemen, and make him an uptight jerk like the rest of them! When he comes back give him that push, and maybe change his name to his real name...or just keep Wrath it doesn't really matter. These four guys would truly make the Horsemen a powerful force once again, and make them elite like they should be.

So now you ask, what to do with Benoit, Malenko, and Mango?? Well first off, just fire Mango's fat @$$. He already missed a house show a week ago, proving once again that he is one of WCW's worst workers, besides that no one even likes him. He is boring, out of shape, and the only reason he is over with the crowd is because of Ric Flair. So I say, fire him for good and go on like he never existed. Malenko and Benoit should leave after they see what direction Ric Flair is taking the Horseman with Hennig and such...they should stay face and after an argument with Flair, they will get attacked by Hennig...the newest member, and therefore kicked out of the 4H. The two then split off into the tag team division again, vowing revenge against Flair and the Horsemen.

Is that all that happens with Malenko and Benoit?? Well this is where Bret Hart kinda fits into my plan. First off, they should have never turned Bret Hart into a heel....although it was cool for a while, but I'm sure he is disgusted with the idea if you saw that "Wrestling With Shadows" documentary on A&E. Don't have the poor guy go out there and humiliate himself by trying to forgive the fans for everything he's done in the past...make him bring the cheers naturally, not by speech. Okay, remember the Hart Foundation?? Well Malenko and Benoit will probably just get the crap beat out of them by the nWo and like-wise by the Horsemen, leaving them just a couple cruiserweights getting teamed up on. Have Hart randomly come in a few times while this is happening and save Malenko and Benoit from the fire. After a couple weeks of this with no explanation, have Hart get on the mic and then make his face speech. Have Hart, Benoit, and Malenko make form an alliance, sort of like the old Hart Foundation; based on how they stick up for each other, because they've all gotten screwed so many times in the past. Keep Malenko and Benoit in the tag division, and this will give Bret a chance for that World Title push he has always wanted.

Now, this leaves the nWo in question. I see they are trying to turn the Pac face(which could put the future of this site in jeapordy). Hall, Nash and yes Hogan all kinda fit together right now as faces(although better as heels), so that kinda knocks Steiner's rule-breaking attitude out. Which they should not drop, leaving him out of the Wolfpack. Luger would be in the Horsemen, leaving them down a man. And again, they should have never broken Steiner and Bagwell up, but Bagwell is already out of the Pac so it's too late. Disco was eventually going to fizzle out of the nWo anyways, and the Black & White speak for themselves. Okay, so this leaves Hall, Nash and Hogan. Well, I think they should keep it that way. Not letting anyone else in unless they have their D-X like attitude.