Hall is most known to nWo fans, as being the founding father of the new world order. Coming out of the WWF, where he was a 4 time Intercontinental Champion, Hall, along with Kevin Nash, demanded a match against 3 of WCW's best wrestlers, at Bash at the Beach '96. The match ended up: Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan v.s. Randy Savage, Sting, Lex Luger. For the most part of the match, it was The Outsider's v.s. WCW's three. But late in the match, Hulk Hogan came down, and shocked the world when he leg dropped Randy Savage, signifying the beginning on the New World Order.

The Outsider's promptly gained the Tag Team Titles. And enjoyed a lengthy title reign, which was ended twice...once against Luger & The Giant and another against The Steiner Brothers. However Biscoff quickly gave the tag titles back to them, giving the Steiner's the option of being fired, or giving up the tag titles.

Scott Hall then disapeared from the wrestling scene for quite some time, the reason was unknown by many. Two months later, he returned to action; joining forces with Kevin Nash and Syxx, calling themselves, "the WolfpAck". A small stable within the new world order. The three reigned terror on the biggest traditional figures such as, Rowdy Piper, Ric Flair, and the WCW announcing team, commonly using the phrase, "tradition bites".

Hall and Nash went onto a feud with the Steiner Brothers, who were now managed by former nWo member Ted Dibease. The recently announced Commishiner Rowdy Piper ordered that The Outsider's defend their belts against the Steiner Brother's, despite Nash's knee injury. In the end, Hall and Syxx defended the tag titles the belts under "WolfPack Rules", meaning that Syxx would take Nash's place in the fight, and be the legitimate co-holder of the title. The two lost the belts however, after interference by announcer Larry Zbyszko. Hall began his feud with Larry, although his fight with him would not take place for quite a while.

Hall went on to win the World War III '97 60 man battle royal, in which the winner receives a World Title Shot, at SuperBrawl. Hall won it after Kevin Nash came down from the rafters, dressed as Sting...Hall was ready to fight, but Nash revealed himself, and Hall was proclaimed the winner. But the WCW Booking Team fucked up on this one, and Hall didn't get his Title Shot. However, Hall and Nash did manage to beat the Steiner Brothers for the tag titles, after Scott Steiner turned on his brother Rick, and therefore joined the new world order. Hall World Title Bout had been pushed aside, in favor of a Sting v.s. Hollywood Hogan re-match.

Hall went onto wrestle Larry Zbyszko at nWo Souled Out '98. Hall was accompinied by Louie Spiccoli, while Larry was escorted by former announcer Dusty Rhodes. But the nWo pulled off another shocker, as Dusty Rhodes double-crossed Larry Zbyszko and joined up with the new world order. This match signified the end of the Hall/Zbyszko feud.

After the tag match at SuperBrawl, Hall received his long over due World Title Shot at Sting on Nitro. However, Hall fucked his own title shot up on this one, as he came down the rafter's, dressed like Sting, and punked him with a baseball bat. Hall finally wrestled Sting at Uncensored '98, but failed to win.

Hall once again dissapeared from the wrestling scene again, for a very long time. While Hall was on drug-rehab, the new world order collapsed as it split into two diffrent factions. One led by Kevin Nash (WOLFPACK), and the other led by Hollywood Hogan (NWO HOLLYWOOD). Everyone, (along with myself) just assumed that Hall would be a member of the WolfPack upon his return. Scott Hall made his return to WCW, as he tagged with Kevin Nash at Slamboree, to face Sting and the Giant (although the Giant had re-joined Hollywood a week earlier). Late in the match, Hall punked Nash from behind with the tag belt, and joined back up with Hollywood. Giant pinned Nash, crowning the Giant and Sting the new tag team champions.

Hall then went onto a short absense from WCW. It was revealed later on in the year, that Hall has had drinking problems (which is true), and he feuded with Kevin Nash...a man who still wanted to help him. It was apparent that Hollywood Hogan was just using him for money. Hall fought his long time partner Kevin Nash at Halloween Havoc, in which he was powerbombed TWICE, but then won the match via countout, as Nash just walked away.

Hall was kicked out of NWO HOLLYWOOD, and was on the brink of nWo WOLFPACK..but it never materialized. As of right now, Hall, Nash, Hogan, Big Poppa Pump, Buff, and Lex Luger have formed the most elite and powerful new world order to date. Hall is currently using a stun gun, to terrorize WCW. It is apparent that Hall's motives are money...money...and..oh yeah, money.