After having a stint in WCW, and an un-eventful reign in the WWF, Lex returned to WCW on the first Nitro broadcast, held in the Mall of America. Had a very offbeat relationship with Jimmy Hart and the Dungeon of Doom, that never made any sense. Luger and Sting captured the tag Team titles on January 22, 1996 from Harlem Heat. Won the TV title from Johnny B. Badd on March 6, 1996. Lex Luger and Sting drop the titles back to Harlem Heat due to interference by the "Outsiders" Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Alongside Randy Savage and Sting, fights Hall and Nash at Bash at the Beach 1996. Is knocked out when Sting accidentally Stinger splashes him. Loses the Television title to Lord Steven Regal on August 20. A Sting imposter beats him up on Nitro. Sting says it wasnt him that did it but Lex says he doesnt trust him and is a liar. Sting goes into seclusion for over a year. Begins to team with The Giant and the duo defeated the Outsiders for the Tag Team titles together at SuperBrawl VII, but the decision was reversed by Eric Bischoff. Lex begins feuds with Arn Anderson, the Giant and other members of the nWo. Sting and Lex reunite at Uncensored '97 when Sting drops from the rafters and hugs Lex, returning to WCW after months of inaction. Luger continues to display himself as a fan favorite in WCW and a major player as well. His biggest claim to fame was when he defeated "Hollywood" Hogan for the WCW Heavyweight title on Nitro only to lose it back 5 days later at Hog Wild in Sturgis. Comes very close to winning World War 3. Feuds with Marcus "Buff Bagwell" and is beaten by him at Starrcade amidst interference. Continues to feud with the nWo. Is devastated by Scott Steiner turning on his brother and quickly feuds with him. When Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, and Konnan formed their own spinoff of the nWo, the Wolfpac, no one thought Luger would join. But on one Nitro when the Wolfpac was being attacked by NWO Hollywood, Lex came out and saved them. In seemingly spontanious action, he surprisingly put on a red and black Wolfpac shirt, joining this faction. He has since convinced Sting to join as well. When the Giant and Sting won the tag team titles, the Giant assumed Sting would join nWo Hollywood, which he just had a few weeks prior. Sting didn't however, so then the tag titles were held up. At the 1998 Great American Bash PPV, Sting defeated the Giant for the straps, with 3 scorpian death drops. On Nitro, Sting chose Kevin Nash as his partner, but he defended them with Luger as well before they lost the belts to Scott Hall and the Giant. On a January edition of WCW Nitro, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Scott Steiner and Hollywood Hogan all celebrated the reunion of the new world order in the ring; the jail bird Goldberg stormed into the ring and took out several members, Lex Luger then came out from the back and backed off Steiner, Nash, and Hall. As Goldberg was about to put Hollywood Hogan into the Jackhammer, Luger shocked the world, punked Goldberg from behind, and showed his true colors. This act even caused WCW announcer Tony Shivane to scream out, "What?!?!? WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON?!?!?", although this quote was censored it showed the awe of the situation; so kudos to you Tony, because your stupidity finally paid off for us nWo fans. Luger isn't currently involved in any major feuds but should be set for a United States or Television Title push.