Nitro Report

1/25/99 Nitro Report

Showed Vincent and the nWo from Thunder. Showed the black and white nWo talking about being the 2nd team. Henning and Stevie Ray were not in nWo shirts. They were also the ones who were complaining. This was a pretty funny skit and I am glad that they showed it from thunder.

Showed Bischoff selling shirts in the arena. Flair was there telling him that he had better sell them or he would rape him. I feel so soory for Biscoff, he has to go into Flair's office and be his little sex slave. Man this old guy is one messed up person.

Showed Kimberly flirting with Big Poppa Pump and showing him clevage and such. Then it showed that no good, greasy, filthy, disgusting, excuse for a man, Page, and how mad he was that he couldn't satisfy her needs.

Al Greene Vs Disco Inferno

Disco started off in control. He had got more aggressive. Greene had moments of power. Disco hits the Chartbuster and gets the pin. Winner: Disco Inferno.

Showed the black & white waiting for Wolfpack at the airport. Stevie Ray talked to Hogan saying nobody was with them. Everybody beat up Henning. Hogan said it was business and that Henning was nothing. Well I am sorry to see Curt go but hey, they have to trim the fat. The only thing I want to know is how some one like Brian Adams can stay, when Henning is kicked. Vincent has an excuse cause he is fun to make fun of and Page needs some one to do his Crisco Cutter on, so he is fine, but Adams, Stevie Ray, Scott Norton, and others need to go.

Showed the Wolfpack entering the building. They went into their room. Nash gave Stevie a Black and White shirt to put on, and they all made fun of him for the clothes he was wearing.

Bam Bam Bigelow came out with a ladder. Told Hall he was the hardcore wrestler. He challenged Hall to a stun gun match with a ladder. Boy what does this remind me of, oh yeah Souled Out. I think Bam Bam felt a little left out.

Showed Bischoff selling shirts. A lady said that Bischoff screwed her out of money. Dillinger came over and gave her what she was asking for. I hope he goes to jail for that. I mean I think Biscoff knows how to count money you old pudgy security guard whose usefullness has run out a long time ago.

Flair came out. He told Hogan to be the man you have to beat the man. He also said that he had sent a message to Hogan when they beat up Horace. But I mean I don't think Hogan cares, because he beats up Horace all the time anyway. He told Bret hart he will defend the belt at Superbrawl. He also told Hall & Nash they wouldn't breakup the tournament. There would be a wall of wrestlers around the ring. He told Hogan to pick any 2 wrestlers from the NWO because they are wrestling Flair, Benoit and Mongo tonight. Well whoop dee doo. Again the old fart comes out and makes an ass out of himself. At least when Biscoff was president, he didn't have all this gay stuff going on. Oh well, 75 days and counting until Eric is back.

Scott Hall came out with Disco Inferno carrying a ladder. He accepted the challenge from Bam Bam. Hall said he was the king of ladder matches. He said don't sing it ... Bring it. Tonight.

Bam Bam Bigelow Vs Scott Hall w/ Disco Inferno

Bigelow started off in control. Hall quickly turned it around. Disco taunted Bigelow. The ref threw Disco out and sent him backstage. Bigelow took some good hits. Both men took a beating. Hall went of the ropes with the ladder on to Bigelow. Bigelow jumped off ladder onto Hall. Bigelow also gave Hall a backdrop off the ladder. Disco came down and gave Hall a stun gun. Bigelow got it. Goldterd came in and speared Disco on the floor. He then speared both Bigelow and Hall. Huh, WCW always does this. They get one good idea and then get carried away with it. Although it was a good match, I didn't like that idiotic ape Golterd coming in with a big spot on his forehead and thinking he could get some fans by beating up two guys who had been fighting for like 20 minutes straight. I mean wow what an acomplishment. They were both worn out. Anyway the match was just about to get interesting. They both had taser thingys.

Interviewed Bret Hart. He said Flair has been bothering him ever since he has been In WCW. He also said Booker T didn't deserve a shot at his title. It is all true, Flair is jeleous, and Mr T just plain sucks.

Faces of Fear w/ Jimmy Hart Vs Fit Finley & Dave Taylor

A bunch of wrestlers surrounded the ring. Faces of Fear had control. Finley and Taylor had moments of power. Winners: Faces of Fears

Norman Smiley Vs Pearly "the drag queen" Saturn

Saturn took control early. Smiley had points of control. Smiley did a little dancing. Smiley had some good moves. Saturn was split open. Saturn was bent over and Smiley was behind him dancing and slapping Saturns ass. Saturn superkicked him. Saturn danced. Saturn gave Smiley the DDV and got the pin. Winner: Saturn the drag queen! (funny match)

Interviewed Scott Dickerson. He said Dillon suspended him to get over with Flair. A little mistaken since Dillon was already over with Flair seeing as they are butt buddies.

Bret Hart Vs Mr T

Booker took control early. Bret turned the pace of the match right around. Match went outside the ring. Bret gave Booker the figure four leg lock in the middle of the ring. Bret took Booker pillar to post. Booker went for the Harlem Hangover and missed. Match went outside the ring again. Hart hits Mr T with the belt and pins him.

Showed Chuck Norris, Hershal Waker, And Jean Clade Van Dam. They were in the arena. WOW!!! CHUCK NORRIS!! WHO THE FUCK CARES? HERSHAL WALKER SUCKS!!! AND VAN DAMN IS A DAMN FOREIGNER!!!!

Scott Norton Vs Goldterd

Goldterd obviously had control. Typical Goldterd match. Terrible match. Match went outside the ring. Norton beat his ass for a while, but Goldterd delivered the spear and Jackhammer. NWO came in and beat the hell out of Goldterd. Winner: Goldterd, who has a big dot on his forehead. BORING!!!!

Jean Clade Van Dam, Chuck Norris, Hershal Walker, and Bret Hull came in to congratulate Goldterd. Then they grabed each other's ass's and started to make out so WCW had to cut to a commercial break. Whew that was a close one.

Nitro Girls were dancing and Big Poppa Pump was watching at the announcers booth. They saw him and shook their booties a little extra just for him.

Ric Flair, Mongo McMichaels, Chris Benoit Vs Hollywood Hogan, Scott Stenier and Kevin Nash

Stenier said Kimberly was flirting with him. He aslo said that since Page can't please her he will. Hogan said he was going to destroy Flair. Match started everybody went after each other. Horsemen never once had control of the match. The NWO kept up the pressure. Flair wanted to get in so he could touch Hogan's ass, but couldn't get taged in, the NWO kept Benoit in their corner. Benoit took a a great nWo style beating. Flair cheated and got the flamming four penis lock on Hogan. Nash got a foam finger thingy w/ a board inside of it. He hit Flair ref DQed the NWO for no good reason. Damn WCW ref's, it is ok when they cheat to help the Horsemen win, but when they make a WCW wrestler lose, they get suspended. The rest of the NWO came down and the locker room cleared out. Nitro ended NWO vs All of WCW. nWo took on almost everyone. And they did pretty well. It was like 4 WCW for every 1 nWo member. They were doing pretty damn well, but decided to head back to their locker room. Goldterd came out but the nWo just threw him aside and left. This ended Nitro.

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