1/4/99 Nitro
Hugh Morrus with Jimmy Hart d. Glacier:

Who's laughing now? Although Glacier connected with some kicks, a very serious Morrus took the bout quickly with his No Laughing Matter Moonsault.

Gene Okerlund Interview: The Flair family and The Four Horsemen A very humble Flair thanked the fans and his friends. On his first night as President, Flair brought Eric Bischoff to the ring and demoted him to commentator and rehired Randy assigned himself his first pay-per-view match. At first, The Nature Boy planned to fight both Barry Wyndham and Curt Hennig at Souled Out, but then agreed to let his son David join his father in the fray.

Booker T d. Emory Hale:
The Harlem Heater performed without a protective leg harness, and provided a glimpse of Booker T past. After a perfect sidekick, the former TV Champ took the win with a Missile Drop-kick.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. with Pepe d. Norman Smiley:
This rematch saw Smiley's dancing and posturing finally cost him a win. Chavo stayed focused, even when his opponent handled Pepe, and landed a quick roll-up pin. Post-match, an enraged Smiley destroyed Pepe and pummeled Guerrero.

Chris Benoit d. Horace Hogan:
Horsemen momentum continued in Atlanta, with Benoit absorbing a suicide dive from big Horace, but still managing to hit the Headbutt Splash and Crippler Crossface.

Backstage, Goldberg was served with an arrest warrant by about 10 Atlanta police officers. The former World Champ professed his innocence but, in the name of justice, agreed to be handcuffed and taken downtown.

As Goldberg was loaded into a squad car, Kevin Nash ran outside to stop him. Nash complained that they had a major match that night, but the police officers continued to drive away. As Big Sexy walked back to the arena, he came face-to-face with Hollywood Hogan, who mocked the situation. Several officers interviewed Elizabeth inside the building.

Chris Jericho with Ralphus d. Perry Saturn:

Saturn put on a suplex clinic against Jericho, but eventually the Lyin' Heart managed to throw referee Scott Dickinson into a Saturn splash; Jericho used the opportunity to score a low blow and the Liontamer. Dickinson, who has had trouble with Saturn in the past, disqualified the former Flock Enforcer for striking him.

Camera crews followed Goldberg to the police station, where officers accused Goldberg of stalking Elizabeth. Goldberg was visibly stunned by the outrageous charge.

Atlanta radio personality Jimmy Baron hosted the winners of the Nitro party contest in a Georgia Dome suite.

Back at the police station, two detectives reviewed Elizabeth's story, concerning Goldberg's alleged stalking.

Nitro presented a LWO party tape, where members of the group and dozens of beautiful women danced, played cards and examined low-riders. Eddy appeared to be obsessed with humiliating his cohorts, and getting all the attention from the ladies. The LWO members did not look pleased.

Pyschosis and Juventud Guerrera d. Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Billy Kidman Due to injuries Guerrero received in a car accident, Juvy chose Psychosis to join him in a battle against his Starrcade foes. Mysterio and Kidman showed exemplary teamwork, but the Cruiserweight Champ inadvertently struck his partner with a Missile Drop-kick. The mistake allowed Psychosis to execute the Guillotine Legdrop and score the pin.

Back at the station, Goldberg continued to defend himself, but was unable to convince police of his innocence.

Gene Okerlund Interview: Kevin Nash

Nash claimed that he had never really beaten Goldberg, due to Scott Hall's outside interference. The World Champ then asked Ric Flair to give him a match against Hogan that night, since Hollywood was still under contract and probably responsible for Goldberg's legal problems. Flair came out and granted the bout.

Back at the station, Elizabeth seemed flustered by detective questions, and claimed the officer's were trying to confuse her...

Gene Okerlund Interview: Hollywood Hogan

Hogan accepted Nash's challenge, and said it would be a great opportunity for him to give fans a retirement match and leave wrestling with the belt.

Camera crews showed a video of Chris Jericho flattering Scott Dickinson before his match with Saturn. Dickinson seemed snowed by the compliments.

Konnan d. Scott Steiner with Buff Bagwell, via DQ
TV Title Match

Pre-match, Steiner enraged the crowd with a myriad of hurtful comments to the Atlanta crowd. Konnan battled both Bagwell and Steiner, and still managed to get Big Poppa Pump into the Tequila Sunrise. Bagwell stormed the ring and caused the disqualification. As K-Dogg was thrashed in the ring, no Wolfpac members came to his aid.

Wrath vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Wrath took the microphone for the first time and claimed he could not find worthy competition in WCW. Bigelow disagreed, and came to the ring for an impromptu match. A classic big man brawl, these behemoths suffered a count-out when they began fighting in the entrance way.

Back at the station, detective had completely destroyed Elizabeth's story, and The First Lady of wrestling recanted her claims when they threatened her with perjury.

Diamond Dallas Page d. Bryan Adams with Vincent
Adams controlled the pace of the bout, but couldn't stop the deadly Diamond Cutter. Even though Vincent tried to interfere, Page executed the maneuver by diving at Adams from the second turnbuckle.

Back at the station, Goldberg was set free. The former World Champion demanded that officers drive him to the Georgia Dome.

Hollywood Hogan with Scott Steiner d. Kevin Nash with Scott Hall
World Title Match

Pre-match, the Georgia Dome exploded when The Outsiders came to the ring together. Despite Hogan wearing street clothes, it looked like this was going to be a great match, but then Nash just fell to the ground and allowed Hollywood to get the pinfall. The Outsiders, Hogan and Steiner then celebrated in the middle of the ring, signifying the reunification of the original NWO.

But the party was cut short when Goldberg stormed the ring. Goldberg tried to fight all of them, but since the nWo is just TOO SWEET, they overwhelmed him. Hall shocked him with the tazer numerous times and the nWo left him hancuffed to the ropes like the pathetic loser he is...

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