Nitro Report

2/15/99 Nitro Report

Showed Arn Anderson beating up Disco Inferno. Arn was arrested by security after he again tried to rape Disco.

Showed Bischoff as Ric Flair's limo driver.

Showed Flair in the limo. Talked on the phone about Anderson beating up Disco. Bischoff said he took a detour. Bischoff was on the phone telling someone they will be there in a few minute. Mhahahah!

Showed the mystery girl (Torrie Wilson) in the hotel with ???

Showed 3 Humv's following Flair's limo. nWo came out in Black shirts and masks and told the 2 people with Flair to get out. Everybody beat up Flair with sticks. A helicopter was shinning a light on all of it. Flair took a severe beating from Hogan. Hogan said Flair will never make it to Superbrawl. Flair was left on the ground everybody drove off. Haha stupid Flair. Good thinking Hollywood.

Showed Bret Hart's match last week with Piper on Nitro.

Bret Hart Vs Will Sasso from Mad TV

Sasso took a beating. The Black chick from Mad TV came out with Sasso. She helped Bret and turned on Sasso. Bret got the Sharpshooter on Sasso. Winner: Bret Hart

The nWo came in. Hogan sent everybody in take back for a party. Hogan said he should beat Flair in his hometown. He said he would give Flair a shot at the title tonight. Hogan called out Flair. Piper came out. Piper said Hogan was going to fight him for the world title.

Hogan Vs Piper

Old match. Piper had control early. Hogan whipped Piper as usual. Piper got a bloody nose. Hall came down and shocked Piper. NWO came down. Hall put on the kilt. everybody took shots at Piper.

Showed someone finding Flair in a field.

Showed a lawyer representing Scott Steiner saying they were suing DDP. They also said felony charges were going to be sought against DDP.

Showed the mystery girl (Torrie Wilson) in the hotel with ???

Hogan w/ nWo Vs Flair

Hogan challenged Flair. Flair came in roughed up from the beating earlier. He stumbled and crawled to the ring. His face was bruised. Flair made it to the ring with a stick. Horsemen came in. Flair was beat with the axe handle. All of the Horsemen were beat up. HHAHAHAHA

I have to say that this nitri was so bad that I didn't watch it. I give all credit from this nitro report the

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