Nitro Report

2/22/99 nWo Nitro Report

Early in the show Vincent is telling Norton that while he was gone, Hogan made him the leader.

Showed Big Poppa Pump & Buff Bagwell on the Nitro bus to spring break and going into a gym. Bagwell hit on some lady and scored. The two walked into what they thought was a big night club but was a drag bar. Funny shit. At the end Steiner walked into a Goldberg photo shoot and made fun of him.

Disco Inferno def. Kaz Hayashi via Chartbuster
Later on showed Disco in the control truck. He was pirating the satellite signal.

Big Poppa Pump w/ Buff Bagwell came into the ring. They picked a girl out of the crowd and brought her in to the ring. Steiner said DDP wasn't a challenge. He also said he was going to be on and off Kimberly for 30 days. 'While DDP is lying in the hospital bed screaming in pain, Kimberely is going to be on her back...screaming my name!' LOL. He also challenged Goldberg for a match tonight!

Rey Mystrio Jr. def Nash w/ Lugar & Elizibeth
Nash came out and made fun of Rey Jr. Mysterio finally came out and asked for a match. Rey Jr. gets a few good moves in early, then Nash just overpowered him. Nash with one big beil. Nash went for a powerbomb and Rey pushed him back and got a pin, with a quick count. Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr.

Horace and Brian Adams both tell Norton (at seperate times) that THEY are the leaders. Norton starting to get confused....

Scott Norton def. The Cat w/ Sonny Ono via Powerbomb

Goldberg def. Scott Steiner w/ Buff Bagwell via DQ
Buff said Goldberg wasn't here. Buff also told Michael Buffer he didn't have the stuff to be Buff. Steiner challenged anybody in the crowed. Goldberg came out. Two stood nose to nose. Goldberg pushed Steiner. Good Match. Steiner dominated most of the match, despite Goldberg benchpressing Steiner over his head a couple of times. Goldberg chased Bagwell around the ring. Buff threw out the ref. Buff got speared. Rick Steiner came out. Goldberg & Steiner. took on the nWo. Black and White left the ring . Winner: Goldberg

Interviewed David Flair and Rick Flair. Showed Rick coming to arena. nWo cut in with a parady of the Horseman. Nash was Arn. David said he was the new and improved space mountain. Torrie was all over David. Hall was Piper. Disco was Mene Gene. Hogan was Ric Flair. Vincent was Mongo. This was some hilarious shit, well done. I loved it!

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