Nitro Report

2/8/99 Nitro Report

Showed the Nitro Girls dancing with DDP watching them. Kimberly was with the girls. Showed Disco in the back. Nash & Hall said they had a surprise for him. It was Arn Anderson laying on the floor. Ha Ha Double Ass. Disco gets his revenge!

Showed a hot lady talking into the camera and telling the man behind it to go into her limo. This has to have something to do with the nWo.

Showed Flair telling Bischoff he was a custodian for WCW locker room. Ugh can you think of a worse job. Oh well soon, Flair, soon Biscoff will get his revenge.

Showed Hogan telling Horace he wants him to lead NWO Black & White. This is definately leading up to something.

Showed Bischoff in the bathroom. Jimmy Hart told him they need TP. That little punk will pay too.

Showed Hogan telling Adams to take over NWO Black & White. Now it is getting interesting!

Interviewed Flair. He said he was going to beat up Nash & Hall tonight in the match. He also said he was going to make Hogan submit. Told Hart to bring him the belt. Hart said he was hurt and he couldn't wrestle. Flair also said Hart was going to wrestle Piper tonight, and because Piper had given him a very nice BJ, he was going to make sure that Piper won.

Should the nWo lady in the limo again.

Showed Hogan telling Stevie Ray to take over NWO Black & White. Oh man this is going to be good!

Horace & Brian Adams Vs Curt Hennig & Barry Windham

Hennig jumped Adams. Match went outside the ring for a while. Good match. A hard hitting match. Whindham and Henning had control. All four men were in the ring. Vincent came down with the slapjack and to hit Henning but hit Adams because Stevie Raycame down. Hennig fell back and got the pin. Winner: Curt Hennig & Barry Windham. I still liked Hennig best of all the nWo B team.

Showed the nWo lady now in the elevator of a hotel.

Showed Bischoff in the locker room again.

Showed Hogan telling Vincent to take over NWO Black & White. Oh man Hogan is awesome even if he is 90 years old.

The Cat w/ Sonny Ono vs Vince

nWo black and white sent Vince out saying the Cat was talking about him, Vince told Disco the Cat was talking about his mother. Disco didn't fall for it this time. The Cat beat Vince to a blody pulp. Vince got the cheap rollup and pin. Winner: Vincent

Showed Steiner talking to Kimberly. DDP came out and they fought. Kimberly went in the car and locked it. Security came to break it up. Steiner got away and took the car w/ Kimberly. He turned it around and threw Kimberly out of the moving car. EMS came out and took her away. Well it definately was a stunt double, but hey it kept me watching.

Showed Bischoff in the locker room. Meng took a big dump and Biscoff told him he was a nasty fat ass.

Bret Hart Vs Roddy Piper

Hart LOST to a guy who had to suck in his gut to undo his belt. WHAT DA DILLIO?

Showed the nWo now in a hotel room with mystery man.

Nash & Hall w/ Disco Vs Flair & Mongo: No Descision

Good match. All four men were in the ring. Hall & Nash had control as usual. A lot of hard hits. Good team work between Hall & Nash. Flair got the figure four on Hall. Hogan came down with a bucket of bleach water and threw it into Mongo's eye. Flair was alone with Hall. Nash and Hogan. Goldberg came down. Bigelow chased Goldbeg. Get those two faggots out of there! I want to see saggy skined Flair get beat up!

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