Nitro Report

3/1/99 nWo Nitro Report

Big Poppa Pump and Buff Bagewell come out and have an quick interview, and Buff challenged Goldberg & Rick Steiner to battle himself and his partner Big Poppa Pump. Nash and Luger come out and they want Rey Misterio Jr. to join the Wolfpack. And Rey refuses!! And he says will stay with Konann. What an idiot!

Psychosis vs. Billy Kidman
Winner: Billy Kidman (by:pin) Shooting Star Press off the top rope.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Rey Misterio Jr
Winner: Rey Misterio Jr (by:pin) An Awsome Pin combination, I don't know what it was.

The Cat vs. Jerry Flynn
Winner: The Cat (by: Count) Both Jerry Flynn and The Cat were getting counted in the Ring because they were both on the mat. So they both got up at the same time right before 10, so Sonny Onno hit Jerry Flynn when the ref wasn't looking. And then he got the pin.

Saturn vs. Hugh Morris
Winner: Hugh Morris (by:pin) The No Laughing Matter, Jimmy Hart kept distracting the referee in the corner. Then Jericho came out and hit Saturn in the head with a chain. And then Hugh Morrus went off the top with the No Laughing Matter.

Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit
Winner: Chris Benoit (by:DQ) Bret Hart had the sharpshooter on Chris Benoit, but Benoit was holding the rope. And Bret Hart didn't let go of the hold so he got DQ'd.

The nWo Wolfpack and nWo black and white came out for an interview. And Hogan was talking about how Flair is done, and how he will announce his retirement tonight. And Hogan was talking about how David Flair made the right choice to be the newest member of the Wolfpack.

Flair came out to make his Announcement, and first he said that his son went Wolfpack because he is hooked on that girl. And he doesn't know what he is doing. But his announcement was for Uncensored, he is gonna battle Hollywood Hogan is a Steel Cage match with no doors and with barb wire around the outside of the cage!! This match is for the World Title.

(Main Event) Buff Bagewell & Big Poppa Pump vs. Rick Steiner & Goldberg
Winner: Rick Steiner & Goldberg (by:pin) Rick Steiner went off the top rope with a flying bulldog. Then he pinned Buff for the 1 2 3.

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