Nitro Report

3/15/99 nWo Nitro Report

Shows David Flair checking into a hotel when Miss.Robinson meets at the Check-in desk.

Flashback to Uncensored Kidman Vs Mike.W match

Campus Clash clips w/Lodi

Flashback to Uncensored Jerry Flynn Vs Miller/Onno match

Ernest Miller Press conferees:
Miller looks like a 70's Pimp Pretends he is Muhammad Ali Talks about how he is the Greatest He also starts to try to dance like James Brown

Meng Vs Jerry Flynn

As soon as the bell rings they just start at each other. Meng looks like he has new pants really baggy. Every time Flynn hits Meng it doesnít even effect him at all. This match is back and forth the whole way. Meng does the Thongan Death Grip for the win. Winner:Meng Via Thongan Death Grip

Nitro Party at Univ. of Cinn.

Flashback to MTV BeachBrawl

David Flair is going to his room and Miss. Robinson follows him, and she asks him what his plans are for the next few days. He says he doesnít know yet.

Miss. Robinson and David go to there separate rooms but she cant get her key to work and asks David if she can use his phone. They go in his room.

Flashback to Uncensored Hak, Sandman, BamBam Match

Nitro Party w/Raven Interview:
Talks about how his sister betrayed him.

Chris Adams Vs Rick Steiner

This match was just boring. The Crowd wasnt even into it. Winner:Rick Steiner Via TopRope Bulldog

Disco comes out to the announcerís booth. He tell them not to play Konnan's Video, cause he doesnít have a video himself.

They play Konnan's Video but Disco is in the video and dubbed over it with him Rapping and dancing too.

Nash and Torrie are watching David and Miss. Robinson in Davidís hotel room. Miss.Robinson says that she wants to stay. Then they do a scene from the movie The Graduate . I think is was that movie. David tells her to leave cause she is trying to subdues him. Nash isnt happy that Miss.Robinson didnít get the job done. Nash tells Torrie that she owes him for the thing in Detroit that he got her out of.

Nitro Party w/Norman Smiley:

Flashback to Uncensored Flair and Hogan Match

Nitro starts official I guess according to Tony Shavonie.

Flair's limo pulls into the arena, Arn and 4 girls come out with Flair. They make there way down to the ring w/Charles Robinson the ref for the Hogan/Flair fight last night. Arn says Charles called the match fairly. Then Robinson says that he called the match fairly. Flair says the wrestling business should start over again today. Goldberg makes his way to the ring. Goldberg says he is the 1# Contender for the belt and wants a title shot tonight. Then Nash comes down. Nash tells Goldberg that he is the 1# Contender. Then Hogan comes down while everyone is yelling at each other. Hogan says he got stabed in the back last night. Flair doesnít care what anyone thinks he just wants to party. Nash and Hogan talk about a tag match. Then Goldberg push Flair. Goldberg says if that the only way to get a shot at you your on. Flair agrees too.

Horace and Vince yell at each other about the match last night. Horace said he tried to help Vince but it ended up backfiring. Horace stays he is the boss of the nWo B-team.

Rey Mysterio Jr Vs Kidman

Great match. Lots of High flying moves. The Whole match was back and forth, in and out of the ring. Rey threw Kidman outside, then does a flip on Kidman. They each get great moves does on them and go for pins back and forth but each man only gets 2 counts. Kidman goes for the Shooting Star Press but Rey moves out of the way. Rey goes for a Huricanrona off top rope. Then a 2 count pin. Them a Kidman bomb, he tries for the shooting star press again but Rey Catches him then goes up top and does a SWEET Bulldog for the win.
Winner:Rey Jr Via Bulldog

Stevie Ray and Horace jaw at each other about who the boss of the nWo is.

Benoit/Malenko Interview w/Mean Gene
They talk about how they are friends and wouldnít want to be tag team partner with anyone else and that they will take on any challengers.

Benoit/Malenko Vs The Barbarian/Hugh Morris

This match was back and forth. There was some great double team moves by the Horseman. It was early dominated by The First Family. The First Family just pounded on Malenko most for the match. Until Morris missed a fighting elbow. Then he Tagged in Benoit which got the CrossFace on but got double teamed and was knocked off then thrown out of the ring. Then they double-teamed on Malenko, But The BarBarian Tried to kick Malenko and miss and kicked Morris instead. Then Benoit with The Flying HeadButt for the win.
Winners:Benoit/Milenko Via Flying Headbutt

Big Poppa Pump and Buff Bagwell on the mic:
BPP makes fun of everything in Cinninati. Calls for all the ladies to get with him. He talks about how Buff made a error last night that cost him and the nWo.He Tells Buff maybe he doesnít belong in the nWo anymore. Then they both start to talk trash to each other about how much better then each other is. Buff says BPP is jealous of him cause he is Buff and the Stuff. Buff want to drop the whole thing before it gets out of hand and he says he is sorry again. They shake hands and everything looks ok but BPP does a Belly to Belly suplex on Buff. Then gets a Chair and beats him on his back with it.

Stevie Ray Vs Horace

This match was so boring. Then Vince came down with a chair and he tells Horace to throw Stevie Ray into it but Stevie Ray Reverse and Horace hit the chair and knocks Vince off the apron. Stevie Rolls up and pulls the tights of Horace for the win.
Winner:Stevie Rey Via Pin

Konnan Vs Disco Inferno

Calls Disco out cause of the thing he did with his Video. Good back and forth match. In the middle of the match. Konnan hit the 187, then got a 2 count tried the teigual sunrise. Disco got out of it before Konnan can get it on and rolls out of the ring. Konnan gives chase. They fight in the alias.


Back to action the back in the ring and Disco is in control. Then Luger and Miss Elizabeth come down to the ring. Luger's left arm is taped up which isnít the arm he hurt the announcer said. Miss Elizabeth distracts the Ref and Luger help Disco get Konnan. Disco his the ChartBuster.
Winner:Disco Via ChartBuster

Chris Jericho w/oRalphus Vs Booker T

Both men exchange moves back and forth. then Booker T hits a little flying forearm early. Then the match when outside where Jericho threw Booker T into everything. Booker T tries to get back into the ring, but Jericho uses the top rope as a springboard and drop kick Booker T back out.


Back to action. Booker T does a slingshot on Jericho. Then a Belly to back Suplex. Both men down. Then Jericho takes control. Slaps around Booker T. Whips him into the corner and runs after him but Booker T lets him run thru. does a sunset Flip. A little bit later Booker T hits the Sidewalk Slam, then a face plan, Breakdances, goes up top but Jericho see him and pulls the ref in front him and Booker T does the Missle DropKick on the Ref. Booker T gets on and Clothes lines Jericho HARD out of the ring.

Hogan/Nash Vs Flair/Goldberg

They all come out and GoldBerg has a cut on his head. Flair tells Goldberg to start the match. Goldberg doesnít like that idea and Gorilla Press slams him. So Flair starts the match. Nash and Hogan Beat on Flair. Then Flair Tags Goldberg in. Hogan Tries a Suplex GB but he blocks , Hogan get right back up then Hogan Clothes lines Goldberg, he gets right back up. Anything Hogan tries to do to Goldberg really doesnít hurt him. Then they double team Goldberg and Nash comes in and starts to fire away at Goldberg. Then Goldberg tries to come back but Nash and Hogan are to strong in there quick tags and double teams. Then Flair makes a Tag sound to get in while Goldberg has the advantage. Flair Chops away at Hogan but to no effect. Hoagn starts to "Hulk up" and hits Flair back , Then goes Goldberg comes in but Nash takes him out and they go outside of the ring. Hogan hit the Big Foot and The Leg Drop on Flair and pins Flair but the Ref wont count, So Hogan takes out the ref. Then Goldberg comes him and Spears Hogan.

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