Nitro Report

3/22/99 nWo Nitro Report

Starts off with a flashback to last weeks Nitro" Nash, Hogan, Goldberg, Flair Interview and Match"

The Ring is floating over a pool and outdoors. I have to say about 6 feet around the ring to fight on.

Flashback to Uncensored "Hak, Raven, Bam Bam match"

Bull Payne Vs Van Hammer

As soon as the match starts the crowd starts to chant "BORING". Not a very exciting match at all.
Winner:Van Hammer Via Flashback

Flashback to Rey Jr Vs Kidman match on Nitro

Disco Interview w/ Ricky Rackman
Plays his video again

Buff and Big Poppa Pump promo

Flashback to Last weeks Nitro "Nash, Hogan, Goldberg, Hogan interview"

Shows Goldberg at NASCAR. Then Hak comes out and says he is EXTREME and says he is going to fight Goldberg tonight.

60 Seconds with Goldberg

El Dandy, Sliver King, Phycisos and a new masked guy Vs Damien, LA Parka, Liz mark Jr, Super Calo

Terrible match except for Disco getting the Last Dance off on everyone. Winner: La Cucharacha's team(aka Disco) Via Chartbuster

Ric Flair and JJ Dilon

Flair says he is going to challenge all of WCW to a match cause he wants to SHINE tonight.

Dusty Rodes w/Mike Tenay

Talks how Flair said if he won the company Dusty would get to be comish. Says he was promised a lot of stuff by Flair and never got it.

Ric Flair interview w/Mean Gene

Raven comes down and says he wants a title shot. Flair says “ok you got it with Kannon Vs Milenko/Benoit tonight”. Kannon is not there so Raven says he will take them by himself. Then Flair says he is going to take everyone’s name in WCW and will pick a winner and he will wrestle that person in the main event tonight.

Fit Finley Vs Rick Stenier

Very bad match. Was supposed to be hardcore.
Winner:Rick Stenier Via Bulldog

El Vampiro Vs Juvi

All right match. El Vampiro mostly dominated this match. El Vampiro showed some impressive power moves on the much smaller man Juvi. A lot of fuck-ups in this match. Very long match.
Winner:Juvi Via Juvi Driver

Miss Nitro Contest Winner

Ricky announce the Miss Nitro.Then Hogan and Nash come out with like 7 girls in bikinis for the nWo Miss Spring Break. Nash say there was suppose to be 8 girls, "Show your tits" chant starts up. Nash said he would but it is cold. Then the 8th girl comes down and it is Torri with David Flair. Then she takes off her dress and she is wearing a Bikini. Nash tells Ricky he has to pick a winner for Miss nWo or he will powerbomb him. Ricky says whatever one you pick. Nash picks Torri. Nash says Sable eat your heart out.

Hak w/Chastity Vs Goldberg

Sandman waits no time and just attacks Goldberg right away. Sandman starts to hit Goldberg with a cane but to no effect on him. Goldberg takes the cane and snaps it in half. Spear, Jackhammer.
Winner:Goldberg Via Jackhammer

Bret Hart Interview w/Mean Gene

Talks about how he doesn’t get any respect in the WCW. That he hasn’t got any title shots yet. Says Hogan and Hart wont take place cause it hasn’t yet. Say he can beat Nash anytime. Says he wants Goldberg in the ring one time, says he can beat him in 5 min. Says that Goldberg hasn’t wrestled anybody with his talent yet.

Horace vs Vince

Vince tells Horace that he is the boss and Horace is the Nephew. Horace didn’t like what he said so he decked him. Really boring match the crowd booed the whole match. Then Stevie Ray comes down to ringside. Says he is not to help anybody. Then he pushes Horace into Vince. Vince Pin him. Stevie gets in the ring them hits Vince and then Brain Adams comes down and they clear the ring. then they talk to each other.
Winner:Vince Via Rollup Pin

The lotto drawing to see who wrestles Ric Flair

Benoit, Malenko, Flair, Double A , JJ Dilon all in the ring. No. 23 picked . El Dandy had the number but he was injured so Rey Jr said he will take care of it. Rey Jr comes down with No.23 Flair told Rey that he shouldn't be in it cause he doesn’t want to get hurt. They want to pick again. Gene says they cant so Rey Jr will get the shot of the Title in the main event.

Raven vs Benoit/Malenko

They double team Raven right away. They just pounded on Raven early on. No offence by Raven. Cloverleaf slapped on Raven didnt give up . Then Benoit comes in and slaps on the Crossface. Raven screams out NO!!!!. Raven is out cold. Double team off the top rope. Then Saturn comes down. Benoit tells Malenko this is horseman business. He decks both of them. Slaps on the Rings of Saturn on Malenko. Benoit breaks it up. Then the horsemen just to start to beat down on Saturn. Crowd really not into the match. Benoit tries the Flying headbutt and misses. Saturn tags in Raven. Raven gets up and starts to fire away on the horsemen. Then Tags in Saturn. Saturn takes down Benoit and slaps on the Rings of Saturn. Raven and Malenko fight outside with the belt then they get in the ring and attack each other. Ref calls for the bell. Raven and Saturn think they won the belts. they dont and i dont know if they won the match tho could hear the official word. Horsemen Retain Titles

Big Poppa Pump vs Chris Jericho US title Touney match

Tells all the women to close there eyes and dream about the perfect man and then open them and you'll see the same man in the ring as in your dreams. Jericho sucks chant start early. Good match. Back and forth match. They are in and out of the ring the whole match. A lot more high flying moves by Jericho then usall. Jericho hits the Lionsault. Tries the lointamer but cant turn it over. BPP then takes out Jericho and slaps on the Steiner Recliner for the win.
Winner: BPP Via Steiner Recliner

Rey Jr Vs Ric Flair for the World Title

Flair comes out first which is odd for the Champ to come out first with Double A Arn Anderson. Rey offens a handshake to Flair. Flair fakes it off. Rey just starts off with quick moves on Flair. No offence by Flair so far. Flair rolls out of te ring and Rey gives chase. Then out of no where Double A Deck Rey. They both get back in the ring. Flair starts to pound away at Rey . Then a Ric Flair sucks Chant start but i guess WCW turn the crowd noise down cause you see the crowd chanting but you dont hear him. Then Flair takes over but cant get a 3 count on Rey. Then Flair goes up top and Rey drop kicks him in the nuts. Rey goes up top and hits the Huricanrona then goes for the him 1 ..2.. then Arn pulls out the Ref and he calls for the Bell. Rey wins by DQ. Then Flair is outside the ring. Rey Baseball Slides him into the pool. FINALLY
Winner:Rey Jr Via DQ

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