Nitro Report

3/29/99 nWo Nitro Report

Nitro starts off having David Flair and Torii talking by a fireplace. David said Ric Flair was never a good father to him.

While the announcer talk about what Nitro is going to be like. A "We want Bret" Chant started loud in the crowd.

Flashback to last Nitro "Bret Hart interview"
Where he says he can beat Goldberg in 5 mins if he gets the chance to wrestle him.

Crappy Konnan Video is shown

Konnan Spot:
Vince comes down and stays he is going to take him out for the nWo cause he is the boss. Vince gets in the ring and attacks Konnan. Match starts.

Konnan Vs Vince:
Konnan dominated the match early. Then Vince whipped Konnan into the rope and pulled the top rope on him and Konnan flew out. Then Vince just pounded on Konnan. Then Konnan came back when Vince whipped him into the corner and Konnan kicked him in the head. Then Stevie Ray came out and started to jaw off to Vince. Konnan took control after that. Kick to the stomach. Then the Tequila Sunrise.
Winner:Konnan Via Tequel Sunrise

Torii and Hogan are talking about how David looks up to Hogan as a father figure. Then they talk about the Hoagn Vs Nash fight.

Hollywood "Hulk" Hogan Interview w/Mean Gene:
Hogan got a huge Pop from the crowd. Hogan talks about the last time he was in Canada. He said they measured he arms at customs and they were 24 and 1/2 inches. Hogan said he wants his belt back tonight and wants Flair to put the belt up tonight vs him. Crowd starts to chant "Hogan" like old Hulkimania times.

60 Seconds with Goldberg: - "Highlight Reel"

Tony, Larry and Mike talk about if Sting shows up what will he look like.

DDP/Big Poppa Pump clips:
Shows Kimberly gettin pushed out of the car. BPP Vs DDP match at Superbrawl.

DDP interview w/Mike Teany:
Talks about how Kimberly conditions is and how he is with he injures. Talks about the 30-day stipulation with Kimberly. That BBP would get her for 30 days never happened. Mike called DDP the People Champ and DDP told him to stop with the people's champ thing. He says he going to thinks his way from now on when he comes back.

Warth Vs Chaos:
Good match. This match was mostly just straight out brawling. Some very good moves by the big man Warth. Then Chaos goes for the top rope leg drop and hits it, but only gets a 2 count. Then Choas tries to whip Warth in the rope but he revseres and catches him in the Death Penlty. Then the meltdown for the win. Wrath could do so much more for WCW. Look in the nWo Kraut's column for more one this.
Winner:Warth Via Death Penlty

Nash and Torri are talking and Torri brings up the Nash and Hogan fights. She says Hogan says it was real. Nash gets a little pissed at that. He say "yea it is real, Real interesting"

Ric Flair interview w/Mean Gene:
Flair says if he was going to kick anyone’s butt tonight it would be Tie Domi's not Hogan's. He doesn’t like being in Canada. He says he has a BIG suprize for Canada. "Asshole" Chant starts up. Then he calls out DDP for the suprize. DDP told Flair what did Bishoff beaming into your body. Flair says he can do with him whatever he wants to DDP cause he is the man. Flair says DDP came their night to get a match with Big Poppa Pump. DDP called all Canada's "Jack offs"then Flair says to be the nice guy. So he gives DDP a match with Hogan tonight. Hogan comes down. He says he wants his belt still. Flair stays his will be DDP manager tonight. Then STING!!!!!!!! in the Rafters just standing there watching in the crow face paint. Flair yells at him to stop flying around and come down there now.

Scott Norton Vs Rick Steiner:
This was a all out power match. Back and forth. Power move after power move. Slow match. aka boring. Then Rick hit Norton 4 times into the ring post, then the Bulldog.
Winner:Rick Steiner Via Top Rope Bulldog(Poor Norton having to job to Steiner!)

Kidman and Rey talking. Rey says Benoit and Milekno made a open challege for tonight and he needs a partner. Kidman agrees but wasnt very sure about the whole thing.

Chris Adams Vs Booker T:
Booker T plays to the crowd a little more then offen in this match but still gets booed. Booker T was very happy during the match. Then out of no where Booker T offers a handshake to Chris. Then shake hands. Then Booker T takes control. AX kick to the head of Adams. Then whip Booker T in the rope and out the ring Booker T goes. Adams takes comtrol outside. He even gets the Superkick too. They get back in the ring. Powerbomb by Adams. 2 count. Then a backdrop. 2 count. They get up Booker T comes back with a Spining side kick. Then a Sidewalk side. Faceplant. Standing Harlem Side kick. Then the Missle Dropkick for the win.
Winner:Booker T Via Missle Dropkick

Flashback to last weeks Nitro "Rey giving Kidman another title shot"

Jerry Flynn Vs Chris Jericho:
Huge Pop for Jericho. Jericho says he is 100% Canada. He grew up in Canada. But he lives in USA now. Then out of no where he says after spending a day back in Canada he is glad he moved to USA cause "Canada Sucks" he says. Crowd boos him. "We Want Bret" chant starts again. Man Flynn is bad. Jericho had to carry him threw out the whole match. Flynn missed lots for moves in this match. Jericho recived mixed reaction for the rest for the match. At the end Jericho pins Flynn with his feet on the ropes for the win.
Winner:Jericho Via Pin with feet on the rope

Bret Hart interview:
HUGE POP for Hart. Hart says it is nice to be in a place where he can get in a little respect. Talks out "O Canada" . Then tell Bishoff to put that in his pipe and smoke it. Says he cant get a match with anybody. He wants to make a point in the WCW. That he can excute any guy he wants. Then he calls out Goldberg. Says Goldberg puts up money to fight Austin. Hart says he bet Austin every time he faced him. Goldberg then comes out. Fake Goldberg chant over PA. Goldberg spears Bret. The both get knocked out. Hart starts to move first. Rolls Goldberg over pins him and counts to 3. Takes off his Shirt. He is wearing a Metal Plate. Then he goes "Hey Bishoff and the WCW I QUIT!!!!!!!!. The leaves the Ring and the camrea fades out. Then you hear Bischoff say to Hart " what are you doing".

BBP/Buff Promo

Buff Bagwell Vs Norman Smiley:
Buff says BPP and Buff are no more. He is a Total Face now. No more Wolfpac. Good match i could watch most of is cause my connection craped out on me. Buff looked pretty good in this match.
Winner:Bagwell Via BlockBuster

Benoit/Malenko Vs Rey Jr/Kidman:
Benoit really put on a good match for the home crowd. Very crisp and powerful moves by Benoit. Great moves my Rey too. Then all 4 men in the ring. Benoit and Rey go over the top rope. Kidman hit the Bulldog. The goes up top but Dean catches him. Then does a gut Buster off the top rope. 2 count save by Rey. Then Double team on Kidman.


Back to action. Benoit is in control on Kidman. Then tags in Malenko. Double team on Kidman. The horseman just mall Kidman. Kidman doesnt put out any offence. Then Kidman does a double Dropkick. Tags in Rey. Then all 4 men going at it. Raven and Saturn comes down. While the Ref isnt looking. Raven gets in the ring and Evenflows Dean. Rey Pins him for the Win.
Winners:Rey Jr/Kidman Via Pin and NEW Tag Team Champs

DDP Vs Hogan:
DDP got huge heat by the crowd. DDP comes down to the ring with Flair tailing behind. "Hogan" Chant starts up. The match starts and they just start punching each other back and forth. Then Hogan Clothes lines DDP out of the ring.


Back to action. DDP and Hogan are fighting in the Announcers booth. DDP in control. Then DDP throws Hogan into the Metal WCW's. Then Hogan get control and throws DDP into them and they fall over. Then make there way back down to the ring and hogan throws DDP in to the ring steps. Then get in the ring. Hogan whip DDP with his weight belt. Then DDP gets it and whips him back. Hogan rolls out of the ring. Flair chokes him . DDP doesnt like that and decks Flair. Then they get back in the ring. DDP in control. Then Hogan comes back. Slaps on the Adominas Strecht on DDP. Flair gets on the apron. Hogan lets go and yells at Flair. DDP take Advantage. Suplex on Hogan. Then Punches in the corner by DDP. Hoagn punches back. Suplex by Hogan. Then a rev. cross arm breaker. Then a Inside craddle by both men. DDP nails hogan. Then chokes him with the boot. Then lets go, Flair chokes him. DDP yells at Flair for doing that. Then the Ref gets smashed in the corner and gets kncoked out. Big Foot by Hogan. Then misses the leg Drop. Ref Charles Robison comes in. Flair comes in with a chair goes for Hoagn and Hits DDP by acendent. Flair attacks Hogan. Robison lets it go. Hogan comes back and hits the Big Foot on Flair and he goes over the top rope and out of the ring. Then Hoagn hits the Leg Drop on DDP. Robinson wont count. Hogan him out knocks. The real ref comes too Hogan pins DDP. 1..2..3!!!
Winner:Hogan Via Pin

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