Nitro Report

3/8/99 nWo Nitro Report

Beginning for the show you see people Building the cage for the Hogan Vs Flair match.

Flashback to Thunder Arn Anderson and Flair talk:
They talk about how Flair doesnt care about David anymore or anything esle and all he cares about is being 14-time WCW World Heavyweight Champ and nothing is going to stand in his way of it.

Live Nitro party in Providence, RI
Some guy, Doug, winning a trip to spring breakout he seemed real exticed.

Spotlight of a Nitrogirl:
A.C Jazz

Hogan Interview from Thunder:
Talk about how people hate him and he tells his dad he hates him. Says Flair is worst then he is and lust for the title, and doesnt care about his Famliy. Call him the Rottenest Human on this earth and has to be eliminated. Hoagn says he wants Falir gone for good no more wrestling at all. Say if Flair Beats him he will get total contorl of WCW and the belt. Speaks about last time he was in the ring with Falir and how it brought the tiger out in him.

Back to the Nitro Party in RI w/Konnan

Konnan's new Video (again)

nWo WolfPack Paid ad
Nash and Hogan watching Flair on TV they are making fun of him,they pause the tape time to time to comment about it. They comment on everything he says. Says that Flair is like 90 , 95 years old. Talk about what they will do with Daivd. Talks about they have to go to plan B.

Luger Highlight Reel (Wolfpack music plays)

More SpringBreak with Big Poppa Pump and Buff Bagwell:
They Pretend they are cops and bust people for stupid reasons. Very funny.

Back to RI w/ Kidman
They watch people dance. Very boring.

Nash and Rey Jr match in a highlight reel:

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Torrie shooting a gun at a range. Nash and Hogan go see her.She wearing next to nothing.Talk about how they have to drop David and get a new plan, makes plans to meet for dinner to dicuss the NEW plan.

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Nash, Hogan, and Torrie at dinner:
Hogan say they got Flair right where they want him. Hoagn says that he sold his Family down the river. Talks about Plan B and what to do with Daivd. Something abotu another girl for David???? Torrie said she is a 12. The other girl somes him and Nash and Hoagn are like WOW. Asks her if she is up for the task. She is . Her Last name is Robinison (like the movie). The Pay for her is 20,000 Dollars to get the job done.

This was the first hour

Nitro Finally starts

Goldberg Interveiw is suppose to happen but Wolfpack music kicks instead. David Flair and Torrie cpme to the ring instead. Daivd wants his Dad to get out there and Face him man to man and will what all night for him.Goldberg music kicks in.


Goldberg comes out. Talks to David , says they got a lot of respect for his famliy and says Davd has to learn it. David starts to Point a finger on Goldberg. Flair comes runnign down and Pulls him off of David, Goldberg Slams Flair, Flair starts to tell Goldberg that he is the greatest to ever live. Goldberg say he lost his faimly and that Flair has lost his mind.Goldberg all so says that flair has crossed that line. Flair says he IS the line , Flair says that Goldberg has to Wrestling Flair tonight on Nitro. Goldberg loves the idea.

Hak vs Raven
They hug each other first then Raven gets the cane and starts to hit Hak with it. Then they go outside the ring. They fight up the alise. Raven gets a table. Lays Hak on it and climbs WCW enterance way and jumps off and lays on him . Bam bam comes out and starts to beat on Hak . Ref throws the match out. but it was a bad bell so the match contiunces they all go backstage. They use ladders, chairs, Garbge cans, a ambulance. they get beat on each other the match is back and forth. Awsome match. Raven Puts Hak in Can and slams him in the ambulance. then they fight with a limo , Raven does a Evenflow on Hak on the limo. Then Bam bam does a Spalsh on Raven on the limo.Raven slams Hak in the Windsheld and breaks it. Bam Bam Slams Raven in to Hak on the limo.Raven wants more. No man will quit.Then a Flashback to nitro when the 3 men when at it.


match doesn't continue

Lizmark Jr. Vs Chris Jericho w/ Ralphus
Jericho comes out with a Dog collar on him with a long chain and another collar on it. Jericho starts to talk about Saturn and his dress. Jericho says he is a master of the chian matches. He says he is the Suami of the dog collar chain matchisk and challeges Lizmark to a dog collar match , Lizmark agrees. Jericho just dominates the match .Chokes and Hits Lizmark with the chain. Jericho wraps lizmark up in the chain and just starts to beat him down. Then Jericho Wraps the chain around Lizmark's neck and does the Lointammer on him and lizmark taps out.
Winner:Jericho Via Lointammer

Flashback to the Goldberg interveiw

BPP w/Buff Vs Booker T
BPP talks about how all the people boo him and he makes fun of the crowd. Then talks about how great he is. and he is says that he is Big bad Botty Daddy. Buff gets on the mic and says he tried to talk Booker T out of the match. But he was stupid Buff says. Starts out slow BPP just stays away form Booker T. Booker T Gets the advange early with a Flying Forearm and a spin kick. BBP rolls out of the ring and rests. Booker T very agreesive until BPP gets a low blow on Booker T. Then Buff starts to Double team on Booker T. The Crowd chants "Staroies"(sp??). BPP Starts to choke Booker T with a Cable cord.


Back to action

Booker T get a one count. Clothes line by BPP. Buff Said Booker T is in troulbe he better call 1-800-collect get it get it". BPP get pounds on Booker T now, Kicks to the side, Double arm press, backbrakers, Then gets him in the Tree of Woe and chokes him. then BPP tries for we suflex but booker T rev. it and gets a neck Breaker get up and does a AX kick, Big Clothes line. Face plant, then goes up top but Buff knocks him off while BPP destracts the Ref. Then BPP goes for the StinerRecliner Booker T passes out. Then Buff and BPP beat Booker with a chair.

Winner:BPP Via Steiner Recliner

Flashback to Flair/Goldberg

Nitro Girls Dance

Interview Jerry Flynn w/Mean Gene (Backstage)
Sonny ohno tries to bribe Flynn, Miller attacks him from behind and then they cut off his pony tail.

Scott Norton Vs Rey Jr
Norton stalks Rey around the ring. Then finally catches him and throws him around the ring and just manhandles him. Norton askes the Crowd if they want to see this punk get hurt". Later he just tosses Rey out of the ring. No offence from Rey at all so far. Norton goes for the PowerBomb but Rey tries to fight back but cant. Then Norton does a one handed slam and goes for the pin and after a 2 count get off and says "I can beat him anytime a want". Then Rey gets up and does a low blow kick on Norton . Norton falls and Rey goes for the Pin and wins.
Winner: Rey Jr Via Pin

Nitro Girls Dance

Shows cage getting built again

Van Hammer Vs Bret Hart:
The first few mins both wrestles just feel each other out. Very slow match. Bret works on the leg most of the match. Then applies the Figure-4 but Van gets the Rope. After that Bret keeps working on the leg of Van. Van Hammer Tries to come back but cant. Bret Hart Slaps on the SharpShooter and Van Taps out, Bret get a chair after the match and hits Van's knee with it.
Winner:Bret Hart Via Sharp-Shooter

Nash and Hogan comes out and go to announces' table Tenay and Hennan leave. They talk about the Flair and Goldberg match. Shows the cage being built again.

Nash wonders if that is Jesse "The Body" Ventura was building the cage. Nash and Hogan make fun of Goldberg on how he isn't unbeaten anymore.

Ric Flair Vs Goldberg
They stare each other down. Nash pokes fun at Flair's knee pads cause there below the knee. Flair tries to out power Goldberg in the begining , then Goldberg press slams him hard. Crowd Chats "GOLDBERG". Flair rolls out a walks aways , but then Goldberg brings Flair back to the ring. Flair get a poke to the eye then a low blow , some chops then another low blow. Flair starts to punch Goldberg, but Goldberg grabs Flair throw , another low blow by Flair , Figure-4 , but Goldberg turns it over. Chops, Punches , and kicks by Flair no effect on Goldberg. Goldberg starts to open up on Flair. Goldberg try the spear, Flair moves Goldberg his the post. Flair Suflex Goldberg no effect . SPEAR!!!!!!!!!! nWo Black and White attack Goldberg he fight then off the the Wolfpack comes down and beat on Flair and Goldberg. Flair tries to fight back with low blows but cant... No Winner nWo Run in

Nitro End

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