Nitro Report

4/5/99 nWo Nitro Report

Sting Promo

WCW's New logo is the one that was posted on LOP a few days ago. It looks ok. Opening music sucks.

The new enterance way is the new WCW symbol. Heenan and Shitonme are at ringside.

Goldberg Interveiw w/Mean Gene:
He says he been gettin the ultamate screw job(they censeor that out). He says he is going to start the Goldberg lottery for who next victim will be at the next PPV. Then Nash comes down. Nash says in 10 years they we be talking about Nash cause he stopped Goldberg's streak. Nash tells him at the next PPV that he got him in a match. Goldberg says Merry Christmas. Then they cut to Flair and Doulbe A, they are watching Nitro and wondering what Nash and Goldberg are doing.

Kendell Windham Vs Hak:Kendo Stick Match

Windham didnt even look like he was hitting Hak hard at all. Very slow match. Chastiy had both stick the whole match. Then Hak hits Windham over the head with the stick then a russian leg sweep. Pin. The Sticks were Barely used
Winner:Hak Via Russin Leg Sweep

Shows Goldberg walking to Flair's office and Luger and Miss Elzibeth are in there with Flair.


Doulbe A tells Nash that Flair needs to see him.

Konnan Vs Lizmark Jr

It is Konnan's Brithday. Lizmark show some nice flips and high flying moves. Another slow match. Lizmark looked good early in the match. Then K-Dawg comes back. Hits the Konnan Bomb. Then the Tequela Sunrise for the win.
Winner: Konnan Via Tequela Sunrise

Nash goes to see Flair. Nash walks in Picture fades out.

Big Poppa Pump promo

Nash and Flair walk together laughing. Then Flair leaves. Nash sees Hogan. Nash tells him it is just business, Flair is trying to get me more money or something like that. Hogan says it better be.

Nash and Charles Robinson are talking. Robinson sees Hogan and runs off. Hogan calls Robisnon a Jaborine. Hogan wants to know what the deal is. He says Nash hasn't returned any of his phone calls. Hogan wants to know if they are on the same team. Nash says yes. Hogan leaves and Nash makes a face at him.

Flair interveiw w/Mean Gene:
Says Goldberg is a wannabe Champion. Then Flair sucks up to Nash. Then out of no where Flair says he is going to wrestle Hogan tonight for the World Title instead of at the PPV. Hogan runs down and says he is going to take the match. Flair tells Hogan if he touchs him now there well be no match later tonight. Then they jaw at each other for a bit. Then DDP comes down. DDP says to make the main event better make it a 3-way dance. Hogan has no problem. Flair is not to crazy about it. Glodberg comes down and says he is in the dance. Flair says he is the boss and Goldberg doesn't do anything with out Flair telling him so. Goldberg grabs Flair and throws him into the ring. Flair starts yelling and leaves. Then Goldberg and Hogan start to leave but they stop and yell at each other. Hogan tells Goldberg that they should take out DDP and Flair and have the two of them fight it out. Goldberg says you got it.

Big Poppa Pump Vs Meng:Semi-Final Match

BBP talks trash about DDP. Tells DDP to get in the US Tourny and face him in the finals. Then he talks about the 30 days with DDP's wife. He says if he wants a match with him he has to give his wife up for 1 night to him. Good but slow match for these 2 men. Back and forth match. Mostly all power moves by both men. Meng goes for the Tongan Death Grip. BBP rakes his eyes. Then a low blow. He pins Meng with both feet on the ropes.
Winner: BPP Via Pin

They scan the ceiling looking for Sting. Then they see a guy in a black trench-coat. The announcers freak out. The guy turns around and it is just a lighting guy.

Flair is talking on the phone with some girl. He yells at the camera man to turn the camera off.

Hacksaw Jim Duggin Promo:
Shows his speech about leaving cause he has Cancer. Then his comeback speech.

Lenny Lane Vs Hacksaw Jim Duggin

Duggin stirs the crowd up with a USA chant (Jim, the crowd is cheering for the US, not you.) Duggin just powered Lane the whole time (big deal). Lane showed no offense at all.
Winner: Duggin Via Knee Drop

Flash-back to last Nitro Hogan speaks with nWo Black and White about who is the leader.

nWo Black and White Battle Royal
Vincent vs Horace vs Brain Adams vs Stevie Ray

Stevie and Vincent start off at each other. Then Horace and Adams join in. VERY SLOW match. Then Adams kicks Vincent out. Then Horace and Adams decide to double team Stevie. They pound on him for a bit, but Stevie comes back. But then a low blow by Horace on Stevie Ray. Then Adams and Horace yell at each other to throw Stevie out. Then they go at it. Adams presses Horace. Horace falls off and rakes Adams in the eyes. Stevie gets up and knocks Adams out of the ring. Then he goes after Horace, but Horace kicks Stevie in the stomach then bounces off the ropes. Stevie ducks. Horace flys out.
Winner:Stevie Ray

Flashback to World Title Match last Nitro

Raven/Saturn Vs Rey Jr/Kidman

Right off the bat a great move Rey Jr trys to go for the Roll up on Raven sholders, but Raven keeps him up Saturn goes up top and clothes lines Rey Jr off of him. Saturn doesn't go for the tag. Then Raven gets tagged in and does more moves on Rey. Then somehow Rey tags in Kidman. Kidman dropkicks Both men. Saturn is down. Kidman and Rey Jr both go up top in opposite corners and hit a splash on Saturn.


Back to action. Raven brings in a chair. He hits Kidman with it. Rey hits Raven with a Frankensteiner. Then Rey tries to hit Saturn with the same move but he catches him and hits the death Valley Drives pins him, But the Ref was taken out. Then Benoit and Malenko come down and attack Saturn and Raven. Beniot hits the flying headbutt on Saturn and rolls Rey Jr on him. Kindman wakes up the ref.
Winners: Rey Jr/Kidman Via Pin

Chris Jericho Vs Booker T:Semi-Final Match

"Jericho Sucks" Chant starts. Great Match. Booker T has control early. Until Booker T whip Jericho into the Corner. Jericho get up the big foot. Then pick up Booker T and Throws him on the ropes. But Booker T comes back With the Ax Kick. Then Whips Jericho into the ropes and catches him for the SideWalkSlam. 2 Count. Then Jericho comes back a little but Booker T hits the Harlem Side Kick. Signals to go up top. The BBP comes down with a chair. Booker T kicks it in his face. BBP rolls out of the ring. Then Jericho tries to take advage but Booker T Back Drops him out of the rinf on BBP. Then he calls BBP back in the ring.
Winner: Booker T Via DQ

Buff Bagwell Vs Bam Bam Bigelow

Slow back and forth match too. Bam Bam Mostly controled this match in the beinging. Then Bam Bam goes up top and misses the flip on Buff. Buff comes back a little. Then Buff tries to go for a cross body. Bam Bam pulls the top rope on him. Then Hak comes down and hits Bam Bam with the Kendo Stick and Chastiy sprays him with a fire extgisher. Then the smoke clears Buff hits The BlockBuster for the win.
Winner: Buff Via BlockBuster

Goldberg/Nash Promo

They come back from Commercial. They Crowd Chants "WE WANT STING"

DDP Vs Hogan Vs Flair Vs Goldberg

Nash is a special commentator for this match. Charles Robinson is the Ref. Hogan goes right for Flair. Goldberg and DDP fight and fall outside. Hogan just pounds on Flair. Goes for the early pin DDP makes the save. The Goldberg Vs Flair. Hogan on DDP. Then they switch again. Hogan on Goldberg. DDP on Flair. DDP hit the Dimond Cutter on Flair. Goldberg makes the save. Then Hogan goes after Flair. Hogan whips Flair with the weight belt. We want Sting chant starts again. Then DDP and Goldberg get back in the ring. Goldberg on Hogan. DDP on Flair. Then Hogan and Goldberg take out DDP and Flair when Flair had the figure-4 on DDP. All 4 men attack each other. DDP and Flair take it outside. Hogan and Goldberg in ring. DDP chokes Flair outside. Belly to back by Hogan. 2 count. Then all 4 men outside the ring. We want ring chant starts again. They fight at the new announcers booth. DDP fight Goldberg in the ring. DDP gets a 2 count on Goldberg. Then a Slam by Goldberg. 2 count. All 4 men back in the ring. DDP knocks Flair back out. DDP goes after him. Lariot by Hogan on Goldberg. Goldberg gets back up. DDP lariots Goldberg. Then DDP goes for the Suplex, which is reversed into a Jackhammer. 2 count, and a save by Hogan. Then Goldberg Spears all 4 men. 2 Jackhammers on Hogan. 2 count 1st time, and time Nash comes in the ring hits Goldberg. Then Sting comes down form the rafters and points at the big TV screen with his bat. Macho man's voice comes over the speakers. He says at Spring Stampede there will be a 4 corners match. Hogan, Flair, DDP, and Sting for the World Title. Macho says there will be a winner and he will be the Ref.

Nitro Ends.

Thanks to for the results. The person who writes them is an idiot so try to bear threw the mispellings. I tried to filter them out but I never catch them all.

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