Since his Diesel gimmick in the WWF, Kevin Nash has been one of the most popular figures in wrestling today. Nash was accepted a WCW contract by WCW Executive Vice President Eric Bischoff to return to WCW. Eventually Nash was brought into WCW as the suprise by Scott Hall, and was the second "Outsider" to wrestle three of WCW's best. At Bash at the Beach, Hollywood Hogan turned out to be the 3rd outsider, and Nash, Hall and Hogan become the founding members of the New World Order. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall went on to tag wrestle as the "Outsiders", and the two defeated Harlem Heat to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship. During their tenure as champions which lasted nearly one full year, the Outsider lost the tag titles twice, only to have them re-awarded to them both times by Eric Bischoff. Nash's role in WCW and the nWo grew significantly in March and April of 1996 upon the absence of Scott Hall (due to Hall's re-hab), and this began when Nash verbally attacked Hollywood Hogan and the nWo for a lack of focus. This incident ended up to not be a problem, but in the long-run it has seemed to plant the seeds of dissention in the nWo. Hogan and Nash later called a truce, rumors persisted that the NWO would one day break up, with Nash and Hogan on opposite sides, as a result of this incident; but, it would take over a full year for this prediction to come true, as the nWo initially remained unified with Nash as a loyal supporter of Hogan. Nash was taken out of action after suffering a knee injury at the "Battle in Seattle" house show in September. With Nash unable to wrestle the Outsiders finally lost the WCW World Tag Team titles, after a ruling from WCW Commissioner Roddy Piper which forced the team to defend against the Steiner Brothers. (Syxx substituted for the injured Nash, and the team of Hall and Syxx lost the titles, under "wolfpac rules" on the 10/13/97 edition of WCW Monday Nitro via interference from Larry Zbyszko) Upon his return on the 11/10/97 Nitro, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall came to the ring wearing the WCW tag titles as if they were still champions. At WWIII, Nash began a feud with the Giant by attacking him dressed as Sting, hit and injured the Giant's "chokeslam" hand with a baseball bat. Nash also helped partner Scott Hall win the battle royal on the same night. The two were booked to face each other at the biggest ppv of the year, Starrcade '97, but the match never happened since Nash did not show up for the match (rumors ran rampant as to why...some reports said he was ill, others said he missed his flight, still other's say he was upset with WCW)The match finally took place at WCW/nWo Souled Out '98 in a controversial match where Nash jackknife-powerbombed the Giant square on his neck. The move was perfectly executed as the Giant was never really hurt; it reportedly injured the Giant, and following the match the Giant was not seen for some time (however, rumors had the Giant in contract negotiations with WCW) The powerbomb caused the move to be banned in WCW by WCW Commissioner Jo Jo Dillon, although Nash continued to powerbomb wrestlers which caused his arrest, subsequent removal from arenas and $50,000 fines after each powerbomb, which were paid for by Hollywood Hogan. Nash claimed the banning of his finishing manuever was an attempt by WCW to punish Nash himself, since no other wrestler has ever been punished by WCW for performing a variation of the move. Upon the Giant's return (and re-signing with WCW) he appeared in a neckbrace, and on the following Monday Nitro the Giant actually powerbombed Nash in the middle of the ring and was not arrested by security (incidentally, Nash is no longer arrested either, though the "ban" was never officially lifted). Now Nash continues his World Tag Team title reign with Scott Hall, though the two rarely wrestle together at all...on top of that however, Nash has been catapulted to the forefront of the nWo as the New World Order has begun a violent war, not with WCW, but with itself. As the nWo continues its war against WCW superstars, internal feuding has once again resurfaced and the group split into two separate factions. Kevin Nash has sided with Randy Savage to lead the Wolfpac, and on the opposing end being powered by Hollywood Hogan. Nash aided Savage in his Spring Stampede match with Sting, powerbombing Sting while the ref was 'unconscious' and causing Savage to win the title. However, on the next Nitro (4/20/98) Hogan faced Savage for the belt and defeated Savage after interference from Bret Hart, who shocked the world by aiding Hogan. With Hogan once again champion, the man expected to dethrone Hogan for the championship as well as the leadership position of the nWo was Big Sexy. Furthermore, to aid Nash in battle he has recruited more members to join Savage and himself in the Wolfpac, including Konnan, Sting and Lex Luger. (even Curt Hennig who double crossed them, after a short stint in the stable) Nash's popularity as the wolfpack leader, has sorn to huge heights, however his reign as a face was pathetic in the eyes of the nWo-ites. Kevin Nash won the WWIII 98' PPV, and went on to face Goldberg at Starcade '98, in which he defeated him with the help of Disco, Bam Bam, and finally Scott Hall with his new tazer. A couple nitro's later at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Nash fought Hogan for the World title, in which he shocked the world by laying down to him and giving the title to Hogan. Nash, Hogan, Hall, Steiner, Buff, and Luger all celebrated as the new 'elite' nWo was formed. Nash and Hall currently are taking back over the tag team scene.