Well at first look this game is a top notch wrestling game for the playstation. The FMV rants are good, and add a sense of reality to the game. The options are good, along with good graphics and most of the WCW wrestlers such as Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Syxx, Lex Luger, Giant, Diamond Dallas Page, Alex Wright, Booker T, Stevie Ray, Nature Boy Ric Flair, Dean Malenko, Eddy Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and Sting. But when you start playing the game, ugghh this is where the horror begins. The frame rate is horrible. For instance when your wrestler starts to pick the other up for a supplex, it seems like he won't be able to pick him up the motion is so slow. And the punches and kicks look like it was David Spade who was punching rather than Scott Hall. Also the rings are all really dark.

And the energy meter and grappling systems just, how should I put this, EAT THE GIANT'S FAT ASS! The only entertaining part of this game is trying to unlock all of the messed up secret characters like Frankensteiner and such.

Control - 3.5 You only find yourself doing what you meant to do about 15% of the time. It takes lots and lots of practice to finally execute a finisher. Terrible.

Sound - 5.0 The sound is very good before you start wrestling with the FMV and entertaining sound effects, but when you start wrestling it just plain sucks.

Graphics - 6.0 If frame rate weren't included in this rating than it would be much higher, but they really bring the mark down. Good wrestler drawings but the rings are way too dark.

Gameplay - 2.0 This is where every game is supposed to shine, but nitro falls far short. And that is an understatement. I found myself halfway through a match saying what the hell am I doing playing this game. I am bored as fuck. The only thing that kept me going was trying to unlock Jericho and some other secret characters.

Overall - 4.5 Well this game just plain stunk. Ut has no lasting apeal, the gameplay is horid, and there is no reason to play this game once you have unlocked to secret characters. I would give this game a rent if you are a fan of the arcade grappling system, but don't buy it. And if you only own a Playstation, then my advice is to wait untill Thunder comes out. But that will probably suck ass too. Oh well at least I have my World Tour and soon my Revenge.

WCW Nitro Codes For Playstation

Unlock single set of wrestlers

At the options screen, press R2, L2, R1, L1, L1, R1, L2, R2, Select. Then, highlight a wrestler at the character selection screen and press L1, R1, L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, Select. Now all three hidden wrestlers related to that wrestler will be unlocked.

Unlock all wrestlers

At the character selection screen, press R1(4), L1(4), R2(4), L2(4), Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, all forty-eight bonus wrestlers will be available for selection.

Ring select

At the options screen, press R1, R2, R1, R2, Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, press Select to display the next ring in the series.

Hidden rings

At the options screen, press L1, L2, R1, R2, L1, L2, R1, R2, Select. Then, The Graveyard, Spaceship, Circus, Hive, Turbo, Wunderland, Boudoir, Hall of mirrors, Reck Room, Psychodelic, Disco, Jungle, 1984, Quark, and Texas rings will now be selectable.

Hidden rants

At the character selection screen, highlight any wrestler. Then, press Circle to hear his comments.

YMCA dance

Select the Disco ring, and press L2. This also may be used to help win a match. Throw your opponent out of the ring and press L2 when he stands until time runs out.

Swelling heads

At the options screen, press L1(7), L2, Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, the heads of each wrestler will swell with each hit.

Big head mode

At the options screen, press R1(7), R2, Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Big heads, hands, feet

At the options screen, press R2(7), R1, Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Big hands

At the mode selection screen, press L2(7), L1(17).

Special ending

Complete the game with one of the programmers for a special ending followed by FMV sequences for all the characters.


During a match, press Select. Then, another wrestler will appear and interfere with the match.

Hidden wrestlers

Beat the game on the normal or hard difficulty levels to unlock the next wrestler in the series:

First character Second character Third character Last character
Alex Wright Bobby Hennan Tony Schiavone Programmer
Booker T Jackie Santa Clawz Programmer
Chris Benoit Mongo Greyling Programmer
DDP Kimberly Frankenstein Programmer
Dean Malenko Sonny Ono Whitey Programmer
Eddie Gurrerroe Ultimo Buzz Programmer
The Giant Rey Mysterio Jr. T-Rez Programmer
Hollywood Hogan Bischoff Old Hogan Programmer
Kevin Nash Jimmy Hart Super Fan Programmer
Lex Luger Disco Annia Mae Programmer
Macho Man Liz Old Macho Man Programmer
Ric Flair Mean Gene Ecto Programmer
Scott Hall Steven Regal Bones Programmer
Stevie Ray Medusa Ivan Programmer
Sting Chris Jerrico Old Sting Programmer
Syxx Konnan Dweeble Super Fan

Game Shark Codes

Joker Command D008B190 ????
Infinite Health P1 [Note] D008B190 0100
801EF64C 03E8
Infinite Health P2 [Note] D008B190 0100
801EFBAC 03E8
Infinite Decision Timer 8008B1E0 0695
Unlock Secret Character Codes  
Eric Bischoff 80063322 0001
Mean Jean 80063326 0001
Jericho 80063328 0001
Disco Inferno 8006332C 0001
Bobby The Brain 80063330 0001
Miss Elizabeth 80063334 0001
Sonny Onoo 80063338 0001
Ultimo Dragon 8006333C 0001
Steve McMichael 80063340 0001
Rey Mysterio Jr. 80063344 0001
Jimmy Hart 80063348 0001
Steven Regal 8006334C 0001
Jaquelyn 80063350 0001
Madusa 80063354 0001
Kimberly 80063358 0001
Konnan 8006335C 0001
Hulkster 80063360 0001
Pee Wee 80063364 0001
Stinger 80063368 0001
Greyling 8006336C 0001
Schiavone 80063370 0001
Savage 80063374 0001
Whitey 80063378 0001
Buzz 8006337C 0001
Ivan 80063380 0001
T Rex 80063384 0001
Frankensteiner 80063388 0001
Bones 8006338C 0001
Santa Claws 80063390 0001
Annie Mae 80063394 0001
Dweeble 80063398 0001
Ecto 8006339C 0001
Virtual Andy 800633A0 0001
Cobra 800633A4 0001
Reanimator 800633A8 0001
Jaumbo 800633AC 0001
John 800633B0 0001
Fush 800633B4 0001
Flyboy 800633B8 0001
Tony The Rod 800633BC 0001
Eddie The Wire 800633C0 0001
Donn 800633C4 0001
Uncle Monkey 800633C8 0001
Dudeman 800633CC 0001
Mike 800633D0 0001
Steve 800633D4 0001
Brian 800633D8 0001
Superfan 800633DC 0001
Unlock Secret Rings Codes  
Graveyard 800633EC 0001
Spaceship 800633F0 0001
Circus 800633F4 0001
Hive 800633F8 0001
Turbo 800633FC 0001
Wunderland 80063400 0001
Boudoir 80063418 0001
Hall of Mirrors 8006341C 0001
Reck Room 80063420 0001
Psychodelic 80063424 0001
Disco 80063428 0001
Jungle 8006342C 0001
1984 80063434 0001
Quark 80063438 0001
Texas 8006343C 0001
Mode Modifier 8006322C 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Mode Modifier Code
00 - Normal
01 - Big Head
02 - Big Hands
03 - Big Head & Hands
04 - Big Feet
05 - Big Head & Feet
06 - Big Hands & Feet
07 - Big Head,Hands & Feet
08 - Huge Head
09 - Super Huge Head
0A - Super Huge Head & Big Hands
0B - Super Huge Head & Bigger Hands
0C - Super Huge Head & Big Feet
0D - Super Huge Head & Bigger Feet
10 - Growing Head
12 - Growing Head & Big Hands

Note: This code locks up the game during in between matches, so the joker command code is needed. Press Select to max out health when needed