The nWo

History Page

The nWo formed on July 7, 1996. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash had recently defected to WCW. They issued a challenge to the three best that WCW had to offer. They would have a mystery ally to join them. The match was set for Bash at the Beach. WCW chose Lex Luger, Sting, and Macho Man Randy Savage. The Outsiders came to the ring without their mystery ally. Everyone thought that they had been lying and didn't have that member. So in the heat of the match Hulk Hogan came down to the ring. This in itself was a huge suprise because he had been absent for so long. He had actually considered retirement. He came down in his Red and Yellow Hulkimania colors. He marched in the ring and promptly Atomic Leg Dropped SAVAGE! What the fuck was going on? I'll tell you what was going on, Hogan was Nash and Hall's third member. The next day on nitro, the new group came down to the ring and made history, they called themselves the New World Order.

Soon after the nWo made one of the best moves ever. They got Ted DiBiase to join. He had recently join WCW after serving out his time in the WWF as a manager to Stone Cold Steve Austin. He took a similar angle to his old Million Dollar Man WWF angle. He became Billion Dollar Ted and became to head recruiter for WCW. The next member was the Giant. He defected from the Dungeon of Doom which was an execellent stable at the time. But the Giant's first stay in the nWo wasn't very long. He demanded that he receive his world title shot. He had won it by winning WW3. He was officialy booted out December 30th, 1996. Syxx was the next man to join the nWo. He was the Sixth member and so took the name Syxx. He became a member only one week after the Giant, sometime in September, 1996. He quickly dominated the cruiserweight ranks and became very close to Nash and Hall. They were the group within the nWo. The wolfpac. But in October of 1997, Syxx got injured. Shortly after, Eric Bischoff released him. He went on to become X-Pac in the WWF. Nash and Hall were very angry with Bischoff behind the scenes. Nash even wanted to be released from WCW. Vincent or Vince was the next to join the nWo. He was pretty much just brought in to be one more guy in a philosophy of power in numbers. Vince is just a jobber, but is involved in some really funny angles right now. Next to join was Ms. Elizabeth. She seemingly backstabbed Savage to join them and has remained a very loyal member of the nWo. In October of 1996, the nWo brought in their very own Sting. Fans beleived that Sting had joined the nWo until the real Sting returned later that year. The nWo Sting is currently wrestling in Japan. I personally like this guy and hope that they bring him back some time soon. One of their biggest additions joined on November 18th, 1996. Eric Bischoff, joined and immediately tried to recruit. He said that anyone who doesn't join the nWo in 30 days is now their enemy. Buff Bagwell was the next to go nWo. He joined one week after Bischoff on November 25th. He had a short fued with his ex-partner Scotty Riggs and beat him at nWo Souled Out. The next group of wrestlers to join are not really assosciated with the nWo but each had brief stints. Big Bubba Rogers aka Big Bossman joined but then quickly left after he was not treated well after he suffered an injury. He had a unsucessfull stint as Ray Traylor, and as a result was released from WCW. He went to the WWF and is now a member of team corporate. Masa Chrono then joined but didn't make much of an impact on the American scene. We went over to Japan and formed nWo Japan where he is currently the leader. Scott Norton then joined on December 16, 1996 and began tagging with Buff Bagwell. They were called Vicious and Delicious. Along with Norton came Mike Wallstreet. He was better known as IRS in the WWF. He went nWo Japan along with Masa Chrono. Nike Patrick had a very short stint with the nWo as well. Next to join was Randy Savage. The day was February 23, 1997, that Savage turned nWo and helped Hogan beat Rowdy Roddy Piper at Super Brawl. Next to turn was the Great Muta. He quickly joined the others in nWo Japan though. In the summer of 1997, Denis Rodman and Konnan joined. Then on September 14 of 1997 Curt Hennig slammed the door on Flair's head, and on the Horsemen. Hennig was huge back then. He soon brought home the US Gold to the nWo. In November, Rick Rude joined the nWo on a night in which he was on both Nitro and Raw. (Raw was pre-taped) Bobby the Brain Heenen had a one week stint in the nWo as well. Then in January 4 members joined the nWo Japan attack, Tenzan, Hiroyuki Saito, Tatsutoshi Goto, and Big Titan. Next to join was a real personal friend of Scott Hall. Louie Spicolli joined the nWo on January 15, 1998. He was cool while he was there, but he tragically died on Febuary 15th. He died of a pain killer overdose. His death had a real impact on Hall, who immediately tried to get a grip on his substance abuse. He has battled drugs for a long time and only now seems to have a handle on his problem. After Spicolli died, the nWo made alot of changes. Bryan Adams and Scott Steiner were brought in, and alot of the other members were either shiped to Japan or kicked out. This time was really the golden age for the nWo. They did things like take over Nitros, slam cage doors on people's heads, and that sort of thing.

After Steiner joined, the nWo began to have problems that were rooted all the way back to Syxx being fired. Backstage, Hogan and Nash were having major disagreements. Hall was nowhere to be seen. Savage and Hogan were in a battle for control of the nWo. Members were stepping on other members egos. Then on April 20, 1998, then nWo split into two factions when Kevin Nash Jacknife Powerbombed Hollywood Hogan. He took sides with the new World Champ, Randy Savage, whom he had help win the belt only a week before by Powerbombing Sting and rolling Savage on top. Nash's faction, Konnan, Savage and Hennig called themselves the Wolfpac. Hogan's faction, the Giant(who had just joined the week before), Steiner, Bryan Adams, Scott Norton, Eric Bischoff, Vincent, and Ms Elizabeth (who had backstabbed Savage) stuck with the white and black attack. They began battling for supremicy. Next was the biggest suprise yet. The Outsiders were to defend the tag team belts against the Giant and Sting. They won the belts when Hall hit his long time friend Nash and turned nWo Hollywood! Lex Luger joined the Wolfpac one Nitro when nWo Hollywood was beating on Nash in the ring. Luger cleared the ring and was thrown a shirt. He put it one. After Luger joined, a battle for Sting's loyalty began. The Giant, who had won the tag team titles with Sting the week before turning nWo Hollywood, tried to use their tag gold as a means to get Sting to join. Luger on the other hand used his longtime friendship with Sting. On a Nitro after a long time of silence, Sting opened up his trench coat and had a nWo black and white shirt on. The Giant went to hug him and promptly got body slammed. Sting then ripped that shirt off and reveiled a Wolfpac shirt. Hennig and Rude soon turned back to Hollywood with yet another double-cross. After he left, the Wolfpac became the biggest group of faces ever. They made me sick. I couldn't beleive how Nash had turned his back on being bad, only to become a Baby Face. This new found goodness lead the Wolfpac to have many fans. I on the other hand, stuck with the hated Hollywood. At least I could count on him to be as bad as ever. Some where in here, Stevie Ray joined the nWo. But soon after this Goldberg got a title shot at Hogan. Hogan said he could only have this shot if he beat Hall. Goldberg beat him and then beat Hogan to become the World Champion. Meanwhile the battle between the Nash and Hall had been heating up this whole time. WCW knew that everyone had known that Hall had been in rehab. So they made it seem as if Hall was an alcholic. Nash was trying to get him all straightened out. They fought at Halloween Havoc 1998. Nash powerbombed Hall twice but then left the ring. Hall won by count out. During this whole Nash Hall thing, Hogan had started a fued with the Warrior. He had a match with him at Holloween Havoc too. He beat him with the help of his nephew Horace Hogan. But due to low ratings Hogan thought that the fans no longer liked him. He started a race for the presidency. He put Scott Steiner in control of the nWo. Hall then started trying to get back together with Kevin Nash who would have none of it. But soon after this Goldberg got a title shot at Hogan. Hogan said he could only have this shot if he beat Hall. Goldberg beat him and then beat Hogan to become the World Champion. Hall was blamed and soon found himself a "Lone Wolf." Neither Nash nor Hogan wanted him. Soon though, the old friends were on speaking terms and then began tagging again. By this time Nash had become a big star. He won a title shot against Goldberg by winning WW3. Nash went on to beat Goldberg at Starcade, with the help of Hall. Hall had shocked Goldberg with a taser with out Nash's knowlege. Nash Powerbombed him and won the belt. On the next Nitro Nash said that he knew that Hall only meant the best, but he had done wrong. Nash said that he would rematch Goldberg that night to make things right. That night though, Goldberg was under arest because Ms Elizabeth had accused him of stalking her. Conveniantly Hogan came back that night to make a farewell speach. Flair, who had become the president of WCW for 90 days after beating Bischoff, said that Hogan had to fight Nash tonight in place of Goldberg since he was still under contract. Hoga agreed and the main event was set. Nash came down to the ring with Hall, and Hogan with Steiner. The match started and they really looked pissed at each other. Hogan barely tapped Nash. Nash went down and Hogan got the 3 count. He was the New World Champ. Goldberg came down to the ring after just being released from prison. He got beat on until Lex Luger came down and together they cleared the ring. Goldberg was about to jack hammer Hogan when Luger hit him. He then Torture Racked him and this began a beating and spray painting on Goldberg. Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner, Scott Hall, Lex Luger, Kevin Nash, and the world champ, Hollywood Hogan had just reformed the nWo. The next week they ditched Konnan and are now in a process of "Trimming the fat around the edges of the nWo." They are pretty much just kicking out all the jobbers like Stevie Ray and Scott Norton. Right now, if they haven't gone back to that golden age, then they are pretty damn close. Maybe silver or so.