Welcome to another addition of the nWo Kraut's column. Doctor TNT was a little mistaken on who has been doing the nitro reports, and most of the work on the site for that matter. You see, Herpe Doctors have to have a short memory so they can sleep at night, and so I don't blame TNT, I forgive you man. I mean it would be terrible to be going to sleep at night and remember seeing that. EHhh, Especially since you are a male herpe specialist. Oh well and to my column.

Nitro was real good. Better than Raw in my opinion. They just need to get rid of that Booker T/Chris Adams match. It was terrible, I mean what did Chris Adams ever do to deserve a TV Title shot? He lost to Rick Steiner. Oh big deal. WCW needs to have some kind of storyline behind each match like the WWF does. Or at least have a nice looking lady out there. Something to keep us watching. Anyway, I can't beleive WCW made Norton JOB to Steiner. I also can't beleive that he didn't get booed. Oh well in good time he will get booed. He is fat, out of shape, can't wrestle worth a damn, has no mic skills, and kills storylines and angles with his gay ass dog gimmik. To top it off he has the worst damn finisher. Wrestlers look so dumb setting themselves up for that top rope bulldog. He should at least think of a clever way to get them set up for it like Buff does with his blockbuster. Also Wrath really needs a big push. Whether it is into the Horsemen like TNT suggests or just a plain old title push. I mean he has reasonable mic skills, great ring presence, and terrific wrestling ability. You just get excited seeing him come down the ramp way for a match cause you know you're going to get a good one. Even though he is fighting some jobber. The main event was good, and I'm glad to see a good WCW main event.

Seeing Buff a face was dissapointing and you could tell Buff was uncomfortable in the role. Nash will soon realize his mistake though and become a better booker by the situation. So maybe some good will come of it. The tag team thing was great, and I hope it will set up some good hardcore fueds between Raven/Saturn/Kanyon and Malenko/Benoit. As TNT said all of them can wrestle hardcore. Now Saturn is taking the right steps of gaining my respect by joining back up with Raven but he really needs to ditch the dress and go back to those kool pants he had that one week. Not the gay speedos and chain outfit.

Also if WCW goes ahead and fires Chastity just because she was in some porn movie a long time ago, I think they will be taking a huge step backwards. I mean most people don't know that, and they really need to have a lot more female ring escorts/managers. Hak needs to be more involved in the WCW and they need to come up with some sort of hardcore divison. The BarbWire Belt or Xtreme Belt or something like that. Mikey Whipwreck also needs to get more involved. WCW has to shake things up a little. Confuse everyone and make then want to tune in the next week. Which I think they are planning on doind with this new format and supposedly biggest nitro ever. So be sure to tune in.

Also one other thing. Doctor TNT and I are starting to wonder whether or not anyone is ever coming to our site. So PLEASE sign the message board just so we know even one person comes. We are really loosing motivation because why bust our asses updating when no one even pays attention. Thanks and I am changing my publishing date to Monday night after nitro or the tuesday night after it so my comments are actually up to date. Untill next week...