Scott Steiner made his name famous in the Steiner Brothers, 6-time former WCW World Tag Team Champions, 2-time former WWF Tag Team Champions, and former IWGP World Tag Champions, but did the un-thinkable when he stabbed his brother in the back at SuperBrawl 1998. Scott is the mater of many suplexes and various other moves. Including the 'Frankensteiner', 'Steiner Screwdriver', 'Double Underhook Powerbomb', 'Gut Wrench Powerbomb'. Poppa Pump has been recongnized as possessing the largest arms in the world, which has gotten him to the Television Title (current) Amazingly though, Steiner has been the TV champ even before going into singles (after Rick Steiner left WCW), though he vacated the title when the Steiners joined the WWF in 1993. After boring angles there, the Steiners resigned with WCW in 1996. The Steiners defeated the Outsiders to win their 4th WCW Tag title at the first NWO Souled Out...however, that decision was reversed by Eric Bischoff, who forced the Steiners to give up the belts. Months later, Ted Dibease, who ironically just turned against the nWo, became the Steiner brother's manager...together, the three got redemption against the NWO when the Steiners beat Hall and Syxx for the titles on a Monday Nitro broadcast in late 1997. The decision was upheld by JoJo Dillon despite the fact that Kevin Nash, who was injured at the time, was the rightful co-holder of the titles, not Syxx. Eventually, the team lost the titles to the Outsiders after Nash returned, but regained them on Monday Nitro in February 1998...it was prior to this victory that Scott began having problems with his brother Rick and DiBiase...often wrestled entire matches by himself (won them both, nonetheless) without tagging the mut in at all, and began showing a cocky, arrogant attitude. Poppa Pump finally realized his full potential in the ring, and began a rivalry of sorts with NWO member Buff Bagwell over who had the best looking body. When Rick and Scott defeated the Outsiders for the belts on Nitro, however, the brothers appeared to be united once again...this was not to be though, for at Superbrawl VIII Scott showed his true colors. Later on in a rematch between the Steiners and the Outsiders on that card, Scott hit his brother in the back and attacked him, then abandoned DiBiase and Rick. Scott then left with Hall, Nash and Dusty Rhodes, showing he had joined the NWO. The next night on Nitro, Scott came out with the NWO with his hair and goatee dyed blond, and attacked Lex Luger. Buff Bagwell announced that Scott's new name in the NWO was "White Thunder" (however, this nickname was changed a short time later to "Superstar," then to "Big Poppa Pump" since WCW felt "White Thunder" could have racial overtones)...surprisingly though, Scott later extended an invitation for Rick to join the NWO as well and said he loved his brother and didn't want to betray him...when Rick came out, he was presented with an NWO shirt but foolishly tried to attack the NWO. His efforts were overturned and he was beaten by several NWO members. Scott went onto a long feud that spanned over 3 PPV's with his brother Rick. Scott and Buff have teamed up as of late, making a hilarious and well-matched team. Scott went onto to beat the other mut K-Dogg for his Television Title, which he ripped off from Chris Jericho. Currently, Scott is apart of the new "elite" nWo wolfpack, and is feuding with Diamond Dallas Page. The feud sparked when Page caught Pump sleeping with Kimberely on a live Nitro telecast.