First live scene of Thunder is the remains of the nWo black and white (minus Hennig). Brian Adams, Horace, Scott Norton, Stevie Ray, and Vincent. Stevie Ray lets off some steam about what's going on. He's angry because no one is telling him what's going on. Guy's argue a bunch, but Vincent (the cool one) calms everyone down.

Vincent reads a letter from the black and red saying that they got stuck down in Tampa due to "weather problems". The guy's continue to complain, but Vincent pulls them together.

Disco Inferno d. Jerry Flynn via Chartbuster

Disco destroys Flynn in this one. Disco sports some sweet wolfpack pants. Come on guy's let this man in! He is tearing through the WCW compition! Okay well maybe a few of them are hell, he's beaten the jobbers amongst jabronies Lightning Kick Jerry Flynn. Still....ugh...he's got...nice hair.

Cut to the back. Horace and Norton both have walkie-talkies. They are testing them right next to each other, and Horace realizes this. Stevie Ray continues to give dirty looks in the backround. Vincent say's "we got to stay together". Horace exits the room.

Cut back to Thunder. Horace sees a red and black limo pull in. He looks in the window, and gets socked in the face. Its the Horseman. Mango beats Horace with his vaccuum cleaner that he got for Christmas. The gimp got in a few stomps on Horace's shoe I believe. I also noticed Horace said, "sh*t" when they punked him.

Flair makes his way out to the ring with Mene "WHOOOO! BY GOD I'M FLAMING...GENE!" Flair talks about the tag team tourny. Says they are only going to be WCW guys, and that the finals will be at Superbrawl, the same night he gets his ass kicked by Hogan. That was his exact quote. Flair called Hogan hot lips, referring to his secret love interest for him. Talks about how he's always been in Hogan's shadow. Talks about how Hogan was getting laid, rich, and famous...while Flair was on his hands and knees scrubbing toliets in WCW a few years ago. Flair apparently tries to make an insult out of this. Says Hogan is a bigger life commadady, but says he can't carry his jock strap...

Says he's happy Hogan enhanced the sport, but is not glad that his kid continuelly gets his ass kicked by the nWo. Makes an interesting comment saying, "You think Jericho grew up watching wrestling wanting to be like you or me??". He probably said that becuase Jericho is very young, and watched them growing up.

Mene Gene tries to make fun of Biscoff's hair, even though he has none. Flair brags about his wide techincal arsenal, some include: the flying butt rape, the humping sandwich, the nipple twist, the weiner choke, the 69 driver, the gimp bomb, and the notorious flaming four penis lock.

Cut to where the limo was. The black and white are helping Horace up. Horace is favoring his arm. For some reason Vincent keeps trying to get Horace to get the nWo shirt back on...because the FH ripped it off. Norton gets annoyed with him, and pushes him aside. Norton is upset his playschool walkie talkie is broken, because he got it for his birthday. Norton is steamed. NWO help Horace to the back.

Ambiguously Gay Saturn d. Al Gay via DVD

First let me say, that Saturn DID want to lose the match at Souled Out. I am not making this up...he thought it would get him more over with the crowd, and have him to be something remembered by. You might think no way...but why would WCW have Jericho win, when his contract is about to run out?? Well tough look PERRY, nobody is going to root for a man in a dress.

Saturn has trouble with the dress...but gets Green cornered, and makes him suck his cock under the turnbuckle. Saturn eventually gets the Death Valley Driver for the win. Saturn had his dress special cut and talored for him. Saturn even said, "Life's a Drag" on his way in and out.

Cut to back. Vincent fires the squad up and gets them to get out there. As everyone leaves, Vincent takes off his black & white...revealing a red & black shirt.

Norton, Stevie, Horace, and Adams come out. Vincent comes out later, sporting the red and black shirt. Vince gets on the mic, and announces that Adams and Horace are going to represent the black and white in the tag team tourny. Vincent then goes onto challenge the FH in a Syxx man tag match. Vincent, Stevie Ray, and Scott Norton v.s. Mango, Flamer, and Bengay. The rest of the NWO are disgusted with him and leave.

Cut to scenes from Nitro with Poppa Pump getting lucky with the Nitro Hoes. Kimberley shows Pump cleavage and agrees that Page is a greasy trash man.

Horace and Brian Adams d. Kidman and Al

The cruiserweights actually beat up the midcards for the most part of the match, but Vincent gets Stevie Ray's slapjack and clocks Kidman with it, as Adams makes the cover for the win. Vincent continues to hold together and carry the group. I noticed Horace had "H-Bomb" on the back of his trunks. Pretty cool.

Cut to back. Horace and Adams are pleased with their win, and thank Vincent. Stevie Ray is angry at Vincent, and demands to know what he was doing with his Slapjack. Vincent says he got it from his bag. Stevie is obviously uncomfortable with people going through his bags, and later checks to see if his 1930's ganster underwear is still there. Vince tells everyone that he gave his shirt to a little kid that asked for it. Quick thinking by the monkey. Everyone seems fine, but Stevie Ray is still upset.

Ron Mysterio Junior Mint d. La Porka via Spinning Pummel Horse Bulldog??

Rey carries the match, as fat La Porka is no cruiserweight. Ron confuses me with the finisher in the one. Too fast to call. Let's see him try that on the total package though.

Diamond Dallas Trash says that he is mad that Kimberely is sleeping with Scott Steiner. Page says that just because he has herpes, it is no reason for her to sleep with stronger, better looking men. Page closes it by warning Steiner, if he doesn't leave his wife alone, then he will give him syphilis. (sp?)

Cut to back again. Vincent tells everyone to call him "Vince" now, and then proceeds to drinks some egg yokes out of his locker. (obviously a vince mcmahon training rip-off *lol*) Vince then goes up the security camera, to check his nostril hairs in the screen...but then wonders who is filming this. Zoom out....Hogan, Nash, Scott, and Buff are watching this from the limo. Vince continues to look in the camera. Hogan says, "Well, I guess we know what time it is...." What does that mean??


Flamer, BenGay, and Mango d. Vince, Hoe-race, Stevie 'Bottomless Nostrils' Gay, and Scott Farton via Flaming Four Penis Lock

A good match for Thunder's standards. Stevie Ray was wearing his 1930's mobster PJ's w/ "Slap my Jack" stamped on his ass. Norton kicks everybody's ass in this match, except for Flamer's because he is the "icon". After a big brawl insued, Flamer got Vince in the Flaming Four Penis Lock, and Vince tapped out, like any man would. Farton and Gay leave Vince to get gangbanged in a three way by Flamer, Bengay, and Mango.

After the camera's went off, the Horsemen proceeded to tie up the rest of the nWo. The three did Vince in the ring. The gimp was watching Scott Farton in the back, to make sure he didn't go anywhere. But Farton escaped the nylon ropes, and knocked out the gimp AA. He decided it would be cruel to leave Vince in their alone, so he got the Slapjack, went back and saved Vince. Vince said that this was between him, and the rest of the crowd. Vince then got his revenge on the Whoresmen...but we never saw what really happened.

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