1/28/99 Thunder

Hugh Morrus with Jimmy Hart d. Psychosis

Initially, Morrus tried to match speed and counters with Psychosis, only to find the Luchador far too fast and dangerous. Hart's charge absorbed a suicide dive and a Missile Dropkick, before delivering his No Laughing Matter moonsault. An impressive match-up, with Hart making his presence known on several occasions.

Thunder replayed Vince trying to keep control of the nWo B-team, since Hollywood Hogan and crew no-showed the event. The montage also showed Horace being attacked by the Horsemen, Vincent switching to a red-and-black shirt, and members kicking the Horsemen's asses, and the new Wolfpac watching their teammates from a limousine.

Chris Jericho with Ralphus d. Silver King

Silver King wrestled very aggressively -- connecting with a suicide body press and other Luchador aerials -- but, showing his championship instincts, Jericho patiently waited for him to make a mistake. When Silver King attempted to choke The Lyin' Heart with his lariat, Jericho struck back with several power moves and The Liontamer. Way to go Jericho, you impressed this Jericholic.

Producers presented a clip package, chronicling the problems between Eric Bischoff, Hollywood Hogan and the Flairs. The video ended with The Nature Boy's challenge to Hollywood Hogan: A World Heavyweight match at Superbrawl.

Fit Finlay d. Super Calo

Calo's high-flying allowed him a few near falls, but the Mexican Superstar was stunted by Finlay's thuggish technique. Despite a late-match comeback by Calo, Finlay took the contest by countering a moonsault with his Tombstone Piledriver.

The Outsiders d. Mike Enos and Bobby Duncum, Jr.

Wrath and Van Hammer were scheduled to fight in this tournament match but, backstage, Disco Inferno appeared to have downed both men. The Outsiders then went to the ring, and told Enos and Duncum that they should go home or get pummeled. The WCW team took the challenge, but were eventually overwhelmed by the brute strength of Big sexy. After a few moves, the former World Champ ended the show with a Truckstop Powerbomb.

Disco Inferno d. Hector Garza

Garza wowed the crowd with top-rope somersaults and screwdriver splashes. Disco couldn't seem to counter the Luchador's attack, until the very end. Disco stole the win with a surprise Chartbuster.

A look back at Nitro replayed Eric Bischoff working the merchandising booth, Ric Flair protecting the tag team tournament with a human wall, the new Wolfpac attack on Curt Hennig and The Horsemen battling Hollywood Hogan, Nash and Big Poppa Pump. The clip ended with WCW's attempt with the gay human wall failing miserably and the Wolfpac kicking that big stupid dot out of Goldterd's head

Bam Bam Bigelow d. Kaz Hayashi

The Beast from the East continued his reign of ring supremacy. Hayashi attempted to utilize his speed, but Bigelow successfully cornered the Japanese superstar and eventually executed his "Greetings from Asbury Park" finisher.

Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr. d. The Outsiders

Pre-match, Disco followed the Outsiders to the ring -- Nash and Hall seemed amused. The Outsiders took control of this match from the beginning. Mysterio was beaten senseless, but still refused to be pinned. Nash accidentally threw the Masked Luchador into his own corner, and released the greasy, out of shape, pudgy ass K-Fag. Konnan applied the Tequila Sunrise on Nash, but was squashed by Lex Luger, Scott Steiner, Hollywood Hogan and other toughs. While the nWo held Mysterio by his limbs and the Outsiders sang "Whipping Post," Hogan smacked the Cruiserweight with his belt, spray-painted him and made Konnan watch. Oh what a nWo moment. WAY TO GO HOLLYWOOD!!!!